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Concrete Copper Wire Air Plant Holder Diy With Recycled, Plastic & Cling Film Moulds

Concrete copper wire Air Plant holder diy by concrete artist PASiNGA featuring 3 different moulds!

It is about time, I know time goes by way too fast but at long last I put together my first proper concrete diy instructions for you guys! 

Since you love Air Plants as much as I do, I thought it would be good to start with a concrete diy which combines the love for concrete, copper and Air Plants which can be decorated all year around. Not to worry I got more diy's coming up for the holiday season, yeah, already excited to share those with you soon too!

As the picture suggests, I have prepared instructions for you to not just create one style but three. So you will be able to create totally different styles for your table scape or indoor-garden, keeping individuality at its best!

We will use recycled moulds, my new geometric plastic reusable mould and something from the kitchen, cling film to create a unique 'tree bark' texture in any mould you fancy!

To start things, check the material list below. Once you have gathered all your materials you will need to calculate about 1 to 2 hours for the wire bending, mixing and pouring. After about 3 hours spare time it will be about half an hour for unwrapping and sanding. 

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Exciting News, I Completed My August Still-life Challenge Today

One month has gone by like no other. While working on all sorts of projects I mostly forgot to post and share and set out to challenge myself to do exactly that, but feel invited to read all about it here. 

I don't know why but sharing everything online is still hard for me, while talking comes easy to me I am always a bit taken back by the thought of shouting my humble life and work into the world.

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Summer Table Decor Ideas - Centrepieces With Air Plants & Geometric Concrete

Late Summer Table Decor Diy,  Party Centrepieces With Air Plants & Geometric Concrete
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My August Challenge - A Monochrome Sculptural Daily Post

Geometric Concrete Balloons, sculpture and photography artwork by PASiNGA
Geometric Concrete Balloons - 01.08.18

Can you believe it - it's August already?!

At least to me this year is going fast. I am working on a lot of new designs as well as unique sculptures. I also took a couple of commissions this summer and as odd as things sound I am working on an awful lot of Christmas - designs, photos, an exciting blog post collaboration and more. But I noticed that my little universe of creating and crafting took over and I am not good with sharing all my work with you. Even worse, I have to admit that I have fallen a bit out of love with Twitter, Facebook and so on but I am so grateful to all of you and your support! So here we go - I am going to challenge myself to a daily post of monochrome sculptural beauty!


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Minimalism And Hygge - Hell Yeah!

Minimalism And Hygge - Hell Yeah! - Blog Post by PASiNGA

I have heard about 'hygge' a while back and thought well, fair enough I like to cosy up, get the kettle on and the cosy blanket out. Done, right?!

Well, I went to Copenhagen during spring this year and of course what was the most interesting thing to bring back 'The little book of hygge' by Meik Wiking. I read it and found loads of habits and ideas on how we should make us all feel better. All nice and jolly. Thing is though, recently I came across more and more posts and articles like 'Hygge on a budget', 'Hygge vs Minimalism', 'Hygge for home and work' and so on. And two weeks ago I went to Germany, just to visit family over the weekend, you know the hygge way. At the airport I browsed some magazines and found that they even just published a magazine called 'Hygge' featuring all sort of lifestyle options and what we all should do to feel better. 

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Happy Easter Decor Ideas

Easter Decor Inspiration by PASiNGA

Last minute Happy Easter decor ideas with items you purchased the most recently - for yourself or to give as gifts! Thank you!


My favourite is the geometric bowl too! On the left I just added some dark green and pale Reindeer Moss to nest the 'boiled' egg. I am a fan of scrambled eggs and the egg shells make a wonderful Air Plants holder for this Capitata Peach. We are just two this year but if I had to build it up for a family table setting I would add more moss and eucalyptus, place in-between more Air Plants in egg shells. And of course some candles as shown below. 



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Get Cozy For Winter With Candles & Concrete

Concrete Candle Holder Inspiration by PASiNGA

Hygge Up!

It feels like winter is coming and the time for candles is here, so let's restyle our concrete vessels and accessories.

I have some vessels, dinner or taper candles, silver foil, Reindeer Moss, an eucalyptus branch and to set it all a lighter and bit of water.


One option would be to wrap a bit of aluminium / silver foil around the base of a candle. Please be messy and when pushing it gently into the recess of your vessel it will create different openings to place a bit of fir or eucalyptus. 

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The Complimentary Christmas Gift Wrap Is Back

Complimentary Christmas Wrapping by PASiNGA

November is here and with it finally some fresh cold air.

But it is also the time of the year to get excited, get the shopping gear out and think of special gifts for our loved ones.

Beside from offering some gift guides over the coming weeks I thought I do it again!

The complimentary gift wrap is back!

This time it will not be colourful ribbons but beautiful black twine, recycled boxes and white tissue paper. As a special treat  I will include a 'Christmassy' gift tag with your personal note if you wish to ship directly or just to have it all ready to give!

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How I Use My Concrete Vessels To Fragrance Our House

How I Use My Concrete Vessels To Fragrance Our House by PASiNGA
Things I use to fragrance my house, from concrete vessel to lavender

You can use any vessel really but as you can imagine I love concrete and my geometric bowl, I use my prototype here, is my go to choice for things like this. 

I place a base of reindeer moss inside the bowl, a mix of pale and dark green, some chestnuts and a bit of lavender. Some of the lavender is crushed, some is just placed to be nice on the eyes. To top it off, I add a few drops of peppermint oil. The moss and the concrete will allow the fragrance to fill the room for a couple of weeks. 

Time to cozy up, winter time is approaching and the autumn colours are wonderfully warm and inviting. To me this is reason enough to change things around, decorate and fragrance my few bowls and candle holders

I always use some reindeer moss as a base, it is not only good to fit Air Plants but it allows to create a nice nest for everything you want to add to your potpourri. I found some chestnuts and have harvested my lavender this year. And of course my favourite essential oil, peppermint. 

How I Use My Concrete Vessels To Fragrance Our House by PASiNGA
Autumnal or Winter potpourri are wonderful to create a warm and inviting home

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June 2017 Milestone

Milestone Capture - PASiNGA reaching 2000 sales on Etsy
Milestone Capture - PASiNGA reaching 2000 sales on Etsy
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Etsy Stationery Love - The Office Collaboration

Love your desk.  Etsy UK put together the most beautiful collection of journals, notebooks, pencil cases and many more trendy desk supplies for stationery lovers. 

Nothing brings joy to a dull day in the office like a little desk candy. All items are exquisitely designed and often crafted by talented designer makers.

With summer on the way - now is the perfect time to indulge a little and to show off your stationery fashionista while making sketches, notes and lists in the park or coffee shop. 

Simply scroll though Etsy to find a bright and wide range of wonderful things or click here to find monochrome recycled paper stationery for any occasion! Happy Shopping + Writing!


Office Collaboration - all items are by Etsy designer makers; photo by Alexander Edwards, styling by RebeccaNee
Office Collaboration - items are by Etsy designer makers, PASiNGA Venice Marble A6 Notebook

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Happy International Happiness Day

Happiness Is Homemade, blog post
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Hinting Spring | The New Air Plant Collection

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3 New Designs For My Etsy Shop

Quirky Houses  |    Concrete, SHiNY Copper and LIVING Air Plants Meet

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Catching Up

The end of January is approaching and it is about time to catch up. Shame on me, that I did not find the time to post more regularly  last year and even more so during the thankfully busy Christmas period. So here we go, highlights of the wonderful little things from the end of October 2016 until today.

Every year I am changing things up a bit. Last year the website got its revamp and we celebrated 5 years of PASiNGA with many wonderful events and new designs. Some of you have maybe noticed that I changed a couple of things on my social media accounts already but I did set myself the goal of doing better - blogging more about my projects and inspirations - blogging more regularly this year. Apart from that and other little things I am hoping to finish some original pieces and share some creativity in little DIYs with you.


Cheers to goals, 2017 lets get our projects started,

Antje xx


Custom Designs + Finishes

POLYVORE Collections

... click the image to find more inspiration and sources ...

Press Highlight

My interview for the B:ton Magazine, Nov. 2016.

PASiNGA featured in the b:ton Magazine NL
Pages 44 and 45 of the b:on Magazine NL

Customer Image

Concrete House Sculptures by PASiNGA, styling and photography by Ali O'Brien
Styling and photography by Ali O'Brien - Thank you!

Stars Shine

My Concrete Diamonds displaying design gems with the stars at the 'Beasts Of London' By Stephen Webster - Collection Launch

Anastasia Webster attends the launch of new collection 'Beasts Of London' by Stephen Webster hosted by Dylan Jones at the Stephen Webster Mount Street showroom on December 12, 2016 in London, England. Image via gettyimages David M. Benett
Anastasia Webster attends the launch of new collection 'Beasts Of London' by Stephen Webster hosted by Dylan Jones at the Stephen Webster Mount Street showroom on December 12, 2016 in London, England. Gettyimages David M. Benett

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Magical Holidays & Happy New Year

Monochrome Stationery by PASiNGA

Thank you all for your love and support over the last year, I had an amazing time to craft and create for and with you, meeting you at art markets and the London Design Fair stand and I hope you have enjoyed them too.

I will be on a Holiday break as well and all your wonderful kind orders placed from today until the 1st of January will be crafted and finished fresh and bright during the first week of January of 2017.



That's a wrap ...
Thank you all for a fantastic 2016 and I can't wait for our creative adventures in 2017!

Lot's of love and a very merry festive time,



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Appreciation  || Loving Your Pictures


Thank you so much for your love, support, creative decoration ideas, pictures and shares - it is fantastic to craft and create for for every single one of you!
I hope you will enjoy this small selection as much as I do and accept it as a token of my appreciation to all of you!


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PASiNGA & DaWanda

As you know - and I can not thank you enough - PASiNGA is celebrating 5 years this year!
5 news designs have been launched, my first ever POP UP was this summer, I have been honored to work on my largest published commission for the Wylde Magazine yet and I exhibited with TENT London during the London Design Festival.

The last and 5th highlight for this year is the opening of my DaWanda storefront.

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New Concrete Hanging Globes and Bowls

They are here - finally, right?!
So sorry for the delay and thank you all so much for your patience, much appreciated!
Each takes quite a while until it is finished but I think your love has shown it's all well worth it! I promise to finish another batch for November, so feel invited to stop by more often! xx


Individually hand formed concrete hanging bowls and globes perfect to hold Air Plants or Moss, from £15.50.

Find the latest batch here!

Unique Concrete Hanging Globes by PASiNGA

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Thank you ALL for visiting, providing feedback and inspiration - it was so lovely to meet for the first time or to welcome you again! I am delighted to craft and create for you and grateful for all your amazing support! I can not say it enough - Thank You!

My Stand N16 ....

PASiNGA London Design Fair Stand N16
PASiNGA London Design Fair Stand N16
PASiNGA At Tent | London Design Fair Stand N16

Celebrating 5 Years With 5 Newbies

And here we go Your fantastic captures of the event ....

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Celebrating 5 Years  With TENT London Design Fair 2016

Proudly celebrating 5 years as an independent artist who has established a range of uniquely envisioned designs for her shops and works on a regular basis on bespoke pieces for private collectors and businesses from around the globe.


The highlight of the milestone celebration is the four day exhibition at TENT [London Design Fair] and the simultaneous soft launch of new designs as well as additions to the existing collections.

Let' Count 5 Newbies

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Just A Card Org. | The Interview

Earlier this Year

I noticed the #justacard and by following the twitter links I learned about the impressive work of the like minded creative people of

It was so lovely meeting them and exciting being asked by Kate for an interview about my work and inspirations.

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Concrete Art and Sculptures by PASiNGA

EXHIBITION at TENT, London Design Festival
from September 22, 2016 until September 25, 2016 | Hall T3-C, Stand N16

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Destined To Be Destroyed

The Brief

Mid-June this year I was asked to work with the amazing team of photographer David Newton and stylist Bettina Vetter for an artistic yet marketing related feature in the Wylde Magazine. The idea was to embed objects within a geometric concrete solid.

However, the concrete solid was meant to be in so far breakable as to allow the team to break it purposefully to free the object inside, step by step. This ambitious task was very experimental and the execution by shape, material and the combination of both unexplored. But as crazy as this idea sounded, crafting something just to be destroyed, as intriguing it was.


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You’re Invited! John Lewis Rooftop Etsy Takeover

YAY - Banish those boring bank holiday plans NOW and get ready to kick start a weekend of jam-packed fun as Etsy designer makers including PASiNGA are taking over the John Lewis rooftop in their Oxford Street flagship store, London.


John Lewis Rooftop, Gardening Society
John Lewis Rooftop, Gardening Society


As part of their vibrant #GardeningSociety summer line-up, Etsy and its selected makers are super excited to be taking over the John Lewis rooftop for one weekend only. Come rain or shine, you are cordially invited to come soak up the last of summer and join in on the fun, take in those incredible city views and meet super skilled designers, makers as well as artists!

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Our Hackney Pop Up Shop Is Now Open!

We are open! 

I went last night the second the shop came to life. The shop is totally different from what you might expect - new ways to display works from different designer-makers have been found. Creative combinations of beautiful pieces invite you to admire and touch. It is inspirational what talented people can do each individually as well as when we work together. I couldn't decide what would be my favorite piece or maybe it was the shop altogether, well have a look at the images below, go and have a look for yourself but don't worry if you can't make it we are all on Etsy and objects of interest are linked to the individual shops here.
Happy browsing and a wonderful day!


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Save the Date

The date is official. PASiNGA is taking part in Tent, London Design Fair for the first time ever!
The studio air is full of excitement while details are being refined and items are being crafted. But some initial information is already available here

PRESS RELEASE June 24, 2016
PASiNGA Press Release Tent London 2016 F
Adobe Acrobat Document 226.5 KB

Let's celebrate this milestone as well as great design from around the world - save the date!

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POP UP TIME | 2-14 August

The London Local Team has started a delightful collaboration with the Hackney Shop  to Pop-Up
this August and I am thrilled to announce that my work will be available as well. 


So excited !! Below a little sneak peek of London's amazing talents ....

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Concrete Art and Sculptures by PASiNGA

EXHIBITION at TENT, London Design Festival
from September 22, 2016 until September 25, 2016 | Hall T3-C, Stand N16

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The 'Making Of' | Venice Biennale | Arsenale

Arsenale - the making of
Arsenale - the making of

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Welcome to Venice | An Inspirational Break

Welcome to Venice in Italy where every other year architects from all over the world gather to exhibit theme specific works. This year's exhibition is curated by Alejandro Aravena under the title reporting from the front looking at some of the key challenges our society is faced today and how these can, at least partially, be addressed by architecture - housing, migration, recycling ... but that's it for now. More to follow in the coming days. 


Fly with me ....
Amazing atmosphere in Venice


After a wonderful long breakfast and writing this post we are on our way to the one and only train station in Venice. If wifi is a available I will be sharing live from Villa Capra "La Rotonda" in Vicenza. In any case have an amazing day and I will see you tomorrow, breakfast time, for my next post! 



Loving the hidden gems of Venice
Loving the hidden gems of Venice
Loving the hidden gems

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Venice | Venezia 2016

Our long bank holiday weekend is coming up and I will use the time not only to finish open orders and answer request but also to prepare my short trip to Venice, Italy.

The Biennale of Art and Architecture is taking place and I hope to visit Villa La Rotonda as well.


I can't wait to take it all in, feel the creativity, the energy and breath in the salty air while enjoying wonderful Italian ice cream.


I will be sharing some of the things I see and feel inspired by here and on Instagram!



Meanwhile in the Studio

The studio will be answered for mail and similar by my dear friend Andrea.
However emails and requests will be forwarded to me. Therefore please allow 48 hours for me to respond.

Thank you!


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M O N D A Y ||

A photo posted by PASiNGA (@pasinga_art) on


Elle Decoration + PASiNGA

Elle Decoration |  Netherlands March 2016

  photography James Stokes,
Evelien Reich & Lisa van der Klok

| Page 28 - 35

Elle Decoration, Netherlands March 2016
Elle Decoration, Netherlands March 2016
Concrete Planets, Set of 9 by PASiNGA
Concrete Planets, Set of 9
Elle Decoration, Netherlands, March 2016, featuring the PASiNGA Concrete Planet Set of 9
Elle Decoration, Netherlands, March 2016, page 32-33, featuring the PASiNGA Concrete Planet Set of 9


Absolutely stunning.
I have never seen my concrete planets in such a playful, game on way but the creative minds behind this article made it happen.
The photo series of 'Play The Game' in the Elle Decoration Netherlands is featuring stunning design, vintage and many concrete artist from around Europe.
So pleased to be featured among those talents in such a beautiful magazine  and excited to share it today with you!




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First of March | New Art Prints

'EPiC' first of March Lovelies ||

A photo posted by PASiNGA (@pasinga_art) on

Epic 1st of March everyone!

After an exciting leap year 29th of February we have arrived in March but not without wonderful news.

The new collection of monotone urban and abstract art prints is available from today.
They are offered in a variety of sizes and you can even choose to have them framed in a sleek black wooden frame.
Have a look and enjoy original black and white photography of architecture and urban life of Europe and the United States.

Enjoy and feel invited to get in touch with your custom requirements.

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ABSOLUTELY Magazine, March 2016

Absolutely Magazine, March 2016, Page 75 featuring PASiNGA Concrete Art
Absolutely Magazine, March 2016, Page 74 - 75


Isn't it wonderful when your day starts with such amazing mail?!

It so exciting to see my work featured in beautiful magazines such as 'ABSOLUTELY'. They feature such stunning design by so many creatives that I am thrilled to be chosen to be included and over the moon to share it today with you!

I hope my happiness is contagious! Lot's of love,




Interior Inspirations, Modern ideas, designs and styles for your home
words Elisabeth Hutton | Page 74 - 75

Absolutely, March 2016
Absolutely, March 2016, Page 75
Abolutely Magazine, features PASiNGA Concrete Art March 2016
Abolutely Magazine, features PASiNGA Concrete Art March 2016

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Monday |||||

A photo posted by PASiNGA (@pasinga_art) on

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Green Contrast

Green and white the contrast of the winter season, images via Pinterest and PASiNGA
Green and white the contrast of the winter season
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20 Things To Do Together This Christmas

... or any other day if you don't celebrate Christmas.

1. Try new hot chocolate recipes [include all kinds of toppings and mixings like whipped cream, chocolate chips, different kinds of marshmallows, red hots, peppermints, ice cream…endless possibilities…]
2. Bake + Decorate Cookies, yummy
3. Go through some of your old clothes, non-perishables, and possessions to give away.
4. Visit local Christmas and Craft Markets
5. Go on a light tour around the city. I know tacky but I love all the sparkly lights.

6. Get tickets for a Christmas show or play.

7. Do some Christmas DIY like paper snowflakes or snow globes, gosh my niece and nephew love to do this

8. Go gift shopping early this year.

9. Write holiday cards!

10. Wear the ugliest Christmas sweater you can find.

11. Read Christmas or winter stories.

12. Plan Christmas dinner and hope for the best.

13. Decorate your tree, windows, staircase - well your home.

14. Put up holiday cards.

15. Do an anonymous act of kindness.

16. Sing Christmas songs just for the fun of it not because you can sing!

17. Get creative with the gift wrap.

18. Go out and enjoy the snow [Let it snow, Let it snow, let it snow! ... come on London weather you can do it!]

19. Relax

20. and you could also get a head-start on your New Year’s Resolutions.


Well, I think that's it for me. What about you anything you'd love to do this Christmas?
Joyful day lovelies,



Fun and easy DIY Gift Wrap Ideas by Heather from
Fun and easy DIY Gift Wrap Ideas by Heather from

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One of the Christmas cuties I hold for you ...

Wonderful evening lovelies +++ Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🍂

A photo posted by PASiNGA (@pasinga_art) on

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Gift Wrapping

Just a small collection of gift wrap ideas as it is early. However next Sunday the 6th is the time to gift the first small present!

I have found all these wonderful simple clean and earthy ideas on Pinterest and the original pin is to find here!

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Minimalist Gift Ideas

An inspirational collection of Christmas gift ideas by InconnuLab for the cozy minimalist, book lover or architecture aficionado and many more.

Book Lovers' Soy Candle by Frostbeard Studio
Book Lovers' Soy Candle by Frostbeard Studio


And just a little hint - THEY ARE HAVING A SALE!

Geometric Cushion Designs by Mika Barr
Geometric Cushion Designs by Mika Barr


These are just my favourites but find many more over on their blog and of course don't forget to browse their lovely bags!

Sneak Peek of InconnuLAB Bags
Sneak Peek of InconnuLAB Bags

Happy Christmas Shopping!

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The Chocolate Concrete Light

Concrete Art and Design by PASiNGA
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Christmas in London with Etsy

Etsy Made Local the London Event Invitation
Etsy Made Local the London Event Invitation
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Are you ready? The Christmas Countdown!

It is a German tradition to have an Adventskalender from the 1st to the 24th of December which is the day where we celebrate Christmas / Weihnachten. Well, I can only say that I keep this tradition alive as it means that you get to eat a little piece of chocolate every day until Christmas.


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Time To Win

I've joined up with the amazing Sparrow + Wolf and created a diamond themed prize package that's definitely drool worthy!

My mini concrete diamond set of 6 and the stunning crystal cushion by Sparrow + Wolf go perfectly together. There are plenty of ways to enter below and all entries will be totted up and a random winner chosen after the 21st October 2015.

Mini Concrete Diamond Set of 6  by PASiNGA
Mini Concrete Diamond Set of 6
Crystal Cushion by Sparrow + Wolf
Crystal Cushion by Sparrow + Wolf



Let's do this - Good Luck!

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Custom Concrete Work

Sorry I have been so quiet all week but I am luckily busy with four custom orders - which are due to be finished this week.

This is one of them but not to worry I will be adding more details on my custom page soon.

Well let's get back to work!

have a fantastic day,

lots of love and creativity,
Antje x

Concrete sculpture || custom work || #concrete #pasinga #photography #pasingaart

A photo posted by PASiNGA (@pasinga_art) on

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Above & Beyond

#honeydesigns new look! #urbanchic #concreteobsessed @pasinga_art #pasinga #pasingaart

A photo posted by Chelsea Mead (@taylorrhinestone) on

I was so overjoyed as I read this. I mean I teared up a little.
It means so much to me when I receive a sale notification. It is so thrilling to wrap a piece I envisioned and crafted with my hands.
Receiving such a wonderful feedback not only for my craft but also for everything which comes with it means the world to me and I can not find the right words to describe the overwhelming happy empowering feelings.
A BIG THANK YOU to all my customers and of course to Chelsea!

P.S.: And if you like real diamonds [ who doesn't] make sure you visit to find custom made beautiful jewelry!

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September is here

Bright and fresh September everyone!




For more of my Concrete Pieces
why not click here and more Art Prints
can you find over here.

Enjoy your stay!


NEWS+NOTES        FREEBiES           HELLO


New Design of the Week

I am proud to introduce
- newbie of the week -
this playful geometric concrete bowl!

My goal was to combine industrial chic with contemporary geometric folds and create a many-sided and versatile vessel.
It is medium sized bowl [Base Ø 9cm, Outside Top Ø 13cm, Height 5.5cm; Recess Top Ø 10cm, recess base Ø 7cm and about 4cm deep] to have easily placed but keeping it nevertheless a statement piece.
Its hexagon inspired recess is perfect to hold a pillar candle, potpourri, plants or just the daily bits and pieces. .

You decide if you prefer it in warm sandy grey or in monochrome dark grey concrete. 

More details and to order feel invited to click here!

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London Design Festival Crafty Fox Market Event

google widget

Crafty Fox Markets connect savvy shoppers with talented designer / makers. Meet the artists, browse the stalls and enjoy a drink from the bar.

Shopping with soul.

Crafty Fox Markets take place seasonally across London, showcasing a hand-picked selection of contemporary designers, makers and artists.

For the 2015 London Design Festival, Crafty Fox are excited to present a special edition of the market at Kachette. This atmospheric event venue is a former train station which can be found on Old Street, opposite Shoreditch Town Hall.

Let's meet on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September!
Over 80 different designer makers (40+ taking part per day) selling an exciting range of products ranging from art prints, jewellery, textiles, ceramics and gifts.

I will be selling some concrete designs and framed as well as unframed black and white art prints. Feel free to drop me a line with the item/s you would like to see or buy.

The Crafty Fox DJs will be on the decks and the bar will be serving up delicious craft beers. There will also be a very special artist-led art installation to feast your eyes upon and hands-on workshops to take part in.

Entry is FREE - Yay

For trader listings and further information, please visit the website: or have a look over here


Monday Morning Raindrops

Bring it on!

Loving the rain - it always calms me, allows me to concentrate and offers loads of inspirational powers.

Happy new week lovelies!

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Property Boom on Page 105 of the HELLO Magazine

'Property Boom' news today!

PASiNGA concrete houses and one dodecahedron concrete sculpture are featured in the UK HELLO Magazine / lifestyle.

'The latest trends in interiors are inspired by exteriors. High-rise residences, Georgian gems and suburban semis - it's time to get excited by bricks and motar'

So pleased, give it a read and be inspired!


HELLO magazine, page 105 features PASiNGA concrete art
HELLO magazine, no1384, page 105

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Father's Day - 21 June

A couple of weeks ago I have been asked to provide some of my concrete designs as props to present fresh gift ideas
for Father's Day.

Well, it's no secret that I just opened my Shop on NOTHS
and I delightfully said 'Yes'.

Men's Leather And Silver Story Bracelet by Twisted Typist; Concrete Diamond by PASiNGA
Men's Leather And Silver Story Bracelet by Twisted Typist
Personalised Wooden Cufflink Box by Sophia Victoria Joy, Mini Concree Houses by PASiNGA
Personalised Wooden Cufflink Box by Sophia Victoria Joy

I think nothing can go wrong with these handcrafted unique gifts and if you need more why not have a browse and find everything from chocolate to the best BBQ equipment ever!

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PASiNGA On Holiday

Off to new adventures - time to have a break, find new inspirational powers and explore the world.

Please note that all orders paid until the 22nd of April have been shipped.

The shop is open for you to browse and shop however all orders placed between the 23rd of April and the 8th of May will be shipped after the 11th May. 

I apologize for any inconvenience. Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime if you need assistance with your order, a custom enquiry or any other question you may have.

I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours.
Thank You!

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The Diamond Love | NISHA Magazine 2015

NISHA magazine issue 02|2015
| מגזין נישה - 02/2015 גיליון [read magazine] 

and page 8 is featuring the 
Large Natural Concrete Diamond Set

NISHA magazine 156 issue Feb2015 Page 8 featuring PASiNGA Concrete Diamonds

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Have A Sensational 2015

Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year 2015, moodboard collection with images via Pinterest
Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year 2015
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Pasinga & Etsy House

Etsy House London Covent Garden this Christmas, click the image for all the information
Etsy House London Covent Garden this Christmas, click the image for all the information

The first ever Etsy UK pop-up shop [also known as #EtsyHouse] is about to open in Covent Garden, London!
It will pop-up for just three days (Friday 5th December - Sunday 7th December), and is timed perfectly for anyone wanting to find a truly unique Christmas gift.
PASiNGA has been selected to be one of the sellers at the event. You'll be able to buy some of my concrete creations right there and then - find images below.

The Etsy pop-up shop will feature products for sale from Etsy sellers from various categories which include art, stationery, furniture, jewellery and more. Creative workshops are being held throughout - it's sure to be an amazing experience!

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On the way

concrete sculptures in the making by PASiNGA
my concrete designes for the recent custom orders and more


On my drying shelve today :)
are many custom made sets.
A giant concrete diamond set. The largest one has an height of about 12cm/5inch.
One has added weight and goes with the ampersand with extended depth to use as bookends.
Ah and lets not forget the little star which is requested by my 5 year old nephew :).
Thank you to all!
What can i say i love it!


Wylde Magazine & Pasinga Concrete Sculptures

WYLDE MAGAZINE and PASiNGA Geometric Concrete Sculptures, Photographer David Newton, Stylist Bettina Vetter

I have got amazing news - my geometric concrete sculptures have been captured in DAVID NEWTON creative jewelry shoot MUSIQUE CONCRÈTE for the WYLDE MAGAZINE issue 6 / 2014.
The styling was done by BETTINA VETTER and aren't these images amazing. It is so fantastic to see my concrete sculpture through the eyes of these two artists. Thank you!


WYLDE MAGAZINE and PASiNGA Geometric Concrete Sculptures, Photographer David Newton, Stylist Bettina Vetter

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Home Gallery Wall With Style

Getting started with creating a stunning gallery or art wall is not as hard as it may look. It all starts with organising your collected works of art, family photos, wall hangings, maybe Air Plants, keys or mirrors.

Now choose the wall for your collection. It doesn't matter if you have already enough art works to fill it completely or just the beginning and wish to let the display grow over time, the process is the same.

First you could consider cutting out templates of the frame sizes of your works and pieces. They can be taped directly to the wall and you could use them to mark the spots for the nails or frame hooks. But don't forget to play a bit with them, take a picture of every combination you like. Choose the one you like the most and measure it for your final arrangement. 

Gallery wall arrangement with templates by PASiNGA blog
Here is another example for the template method, click for the source, enjoy!

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Good Bye 2013 ...

PASiNGA blog post 'good bye 2013'

It’s been a fantastic year 2013
and I am thankful for every minute you

allowed me to photograph, create, design and make for you.



As many of you already know I start every year with a little self-reinvention.


I am planning a shop revamp for 2014. It'll be more industrial and even more obsessed with black and white. I am looking forward to add new lines like posters next to photographic prints as well as concrete sculptures, living and lifestyle accessoires. I will go ahead with designing more minimal art cards and ‘smart xxx’ typographic prints. And some surprises are coming up as well and you're welcome to follow so you'll be the first to know.
I am looking forward to work closely with old and new clients to finish as well as start new design and photo projects.

I wish you all
Wonderful Holidays
and may 2014 be a fantastic year for all of us!




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My Industrial Calendar for 2014 in Elle Decoration France

PASiNGA industrial calendar 2014 which is featured in Elle Decor News Dec 2013
The Calendar in detail - click the image to buy in my shop

* Original PASiNGA photo art
* Includes twelve sheets plus one page with the calendar overview

* Printed on heavy professional matt paper for a nice feeling in your hands and easy to write


SIZES_ 7x5" [ £ 12.24]//  A4 [322.24] // A3 [£30.24] //

please convo me for larger sizes


DISPLAY IDEAS_ Hang these sheets on the fridge, on the wall, on a corkboard, place it in your clear mobile pad cover ... the possibilities are endless!



NOW on page 42 ELLLEDECO NEWS December 2013

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