Concrete Jewellery Display Stand Olga by PASiNGA
Jewellery Display Stand 'Olga', £22.50

Easy Styling - display jewellery sets on a single prop

Jewellery set display stand for earrings to necklaces by PASiNGA
Jewellery Set Display Stand, from £25.50

Large Concrete Display Blocks by pasinga
Large Concrete Display Blocks, from £20

Concrete Cylinder Display Riser by pasinga
Cylinder Display Riser, from £25
Concrete jewellery display origami tray by PASiNGA design
Mountain Tile, from £ 30

Jewellery Organiser by PASiNGA
Jewellery Organiser, form £7.50
Jewellery Display By PASiNGA
Jewellery Display Base, from £19.50

Geometric Concrete Retail Display Photo Prop by PASiNGA
Geometric Concrete Circle Stairs, £41.50
Concrete Medusa Jewellery Display Stand By PASiNGA
Medusa Jewellery Display Stand, £22.50

Looking to create your own bespoke geometric concrete set?

Let's get started - contact! And may the following provide even more inspiration. 

The combination of shapes and sizes as well as the varying concrete grey shades offer endless possibilities and celebrate individuality. Some styling and display ideas are compiled in my blog post 'Photo Styling With Concrete'