Return Policy and Return Form

Cancellation Return and Refund
You have the right to cancel your order before shipping takes place.

If an item is not to your satisfaction after receiving it, you hold the right to notify me within 14 days and send it back to PASiNGA within an additional 14 calendar days.
The item must be undamaged and shipped in its original packaging or alike suitable protective sturdy packaging.

Please note that personalized prints and custom creations can not be returned.

Sending the item back to PASiNGA is at your own expense. PASiNGA will refund the purchase price of the items within 14 days after receiving the returned goods.
Purchase price means the cost of the items plus any basic delivery charges that were made at the time of purchase. If you paid extra for express delivery, you will only be refunded the basic delivery charge.
In the case of cancellation before shipping took place PASiNGA will refund the full amount charged.

Return address:
PASiNGA, 24 Clarence Road, Studio B, N22 8PL, London, UK
[international returns must be marked as 'RETURN GOODS' ]

If you do not notify PASiNGA within the aforementioned time frame, the item is considered sold.

If your payment is not received within 7 days of placing an order and no alternative arrangements have been made your order will be cancelled.

PASiNGA cannot be held responsible for parcels collected. In case parcels are not collected, they will be sent back to PASiNGA. PASiNGA is not responsible for items shipped back and PASiNGA will have to charge the customer for sending the package a second time if a parcel has not been collected on the first shipping.

Your payment method will be used for the processing of your refund.

Download Sample Return Form