Individually designed and crafted bespoke concrete sculpture solids

Antje has worked closely with clients to create one-off contemporary pieces for private collections as well as for commercial displays or editorial photoshoots. 

From creating an individual piece just for you to crafting and curating full table or window displays, below are some selected work examples. 

Diamond Sculptures For A Private Collection 

My first geometric concrete sculpture design recreated in a bespoke size of 25x30cm, 12kg each. The set of three features two pale grey and one dark grey concrete diamond sculptures, finished so smooth that they apple to be almost gloss.

Pictured in the middle is the paperweight size in comparison to the bespoke sculptures.

Bespoke Geometric Sculpture Solids 

A collection of my diamond designs mixed with bespoke geometric shapes all finished in an unique mix of dark & pale grey concrete - now stunningly put to use as jewellery displays!

Below are some workbench snaps during taken during the crafting process and on the right images by the jeweller Maria Goti

Modular Concrete Sculpture and Number Stands 

It was requested to create a 10cm cube similar base for large metal numbers. However a simple cube was too bulky for the elegantly curved numbers and furthermore far to heavy as 10 had to find their way from London to the US.

As this was for one event only it was more or less a question of honour to make them so beautiful and fitting to each other that when afterwards placed together different geometric sculptures could be displayed.

Custom Concrete Creation 'Cube in Cube' Modular Sculpture by PASiNGA
Concrete Modular Sculpture 'Cube in Cube' | these cubes can stand alone or create placed together a large geometric sculpture

Lets make it big!

My icosahedron and cub octahedron modular sculpture solid set was commissioned to grow up! The original size is about 7cm in height and the commissioned size is about 15cm, which gives the standard solid a weight of 450g while the commissioned solids have a weight of 4kg and 5kg. 

Even though both geometric sculptures  feature a wonderful greyscale and industrial charm the surface is nonetheless finish very smooth.

The Renwick Hotel New York, rooms feature PASiNGA concrete Diamonds
The Renwick Hotel New York, rooms feature PASiNGA concrete Diamonds | image by

‘The Renwick: Spirit of Old New York

What was once home to working artist studios and inspired lofts has become one of Manhattan's most unique and visually compelling Midtown East hotels. The historic building that holds The Renwick has served as a stomping ground for a passionate crowd of authors and intellectuals, including John Steinbeck, Thomas Mann, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Today, we're serving another passionate crowd: travellers like you.

.....  Residential-style suites are fashioned as stylish creative enclaves with easels and paint, writing paper and ink, inspired artwork and books, as well as upscale amenities to make our guests feel both comfortable and creative.’ [quote from]

The Renwick Hotel New York, rooms feature PASiNGA concrete Diamonds
The Renwick Hotel New York, rooms feature PASiNGA concrete Diamonds | image by

Hexagon Concrete Trays

Smoothly finished in pale grey concrete. It was specially requested to have aligning edges within the set of 3. They are now being used to display small silver sculptures. 

Mini Concrete Diamonds - in a mix of grey shades

These have been made with extra small silver loops to attach them to Wedding Escort Cards. However afterwards, guests could take the loops out with a straight pull. The hole left behind looks like a minor imperfection and the small diamond made a lovely gift and reminder of the day to display at home.

70 Small Concrete Diamonds as Escort Card Attachement | Custom PASiNGA Creation
70 Small Concrete Diamonds as Escort Card Attachment | a wedding creation


Concrete Diamonds XXL

They are now happily featured in an American modern home.

Custom Design Process PASiNGA

The request was not just make them large [the almost tiny looking concrete diamond among those paper models is the large size of the design in the shop] but also to make them fairly light so that they could be easily moved around the house and to offer as many display options as possible.

By inserting a light core and using a light reinforcement option I have been able to get the weight of for example the largest one down from about 8kg to around 5kg. A bit of testing has been involved which you can watch here if you like.

Custom XXL Concrete Diamond Set by PASiNGA
Custom Concrete Diamond Sculpture Set by PASiNGA

Jewellery Display
It was an exciting and experimental request to have copper T bars combined with elegant yet simply shaped concrete.

Design ideas by PASiNGA in regards to a custom concrete request

Please feel invited to have a look at Charlotte Parkhill amazing jewellery. I am sure you will be amazed and maybe you will find these stands put to good use.

Jewellery Display 
Large concrete diamond design - a bespoke design with extra smooth sides, and a raw and edgy base to keep the texture play alive

Large Concrete Diamond Set, bespoke concrete art by PASiNGA
Bespoke Large Concrete Diamond Set

The Perfect Bookend 
An extra wide and heavy diamond and a bauhaus style large ampersand make this bookend duo extra special

Custom Concrete Bookends, from the paper model to finished design by PASiNGA
Custom Concrete Bookends

Something unique and possibly shaped like a crystal ...
was requested and given as a special gift.

Custom Concrete Art by PASiNGA
Paper Models, illustrating display options, size and design of a crystal cluster

Lovingly styled by the client and happy owner!

Custom Concrete Art by PASiNGA, styled by the client!
Custom Concrete Art by PASiNGA
The finished custom concrete crystal set. Featuring 4 shades of grey and a recess to hold an air plant.

Custom Printed Concrete - examples of private and commercial commissions 

For the TGV group has it become a marketing tool.

Concrete Art, custom print by PASiNGA

Dark grey 'TGV' logo print to one side and 'Creative Beings' on the other. The base reads PASiNGA for

Handbag Display Stand Design For The Capital Collection
Handbag Display Stand Design For The Capital Collection
Geometric Concrete Art, custom print by PASiNGA

The perfect gif, in this case for a baptism! This trigonal dodecahedron is printed in two colours. The sigma is pink and is the first letter of the name of this baby girl. The birth day is in dark grey on a different side of the sculpture. 

Custom Printed Bookends by PASiNGA
Custom Printed Bookends

A custom printed large concrete bookend set. 

It was lovingly chosen as a gift for the retiring Provost.