Great Concrete Arch Sculpture By PASiNGA
Great Arch Sculpture, from £45

Bold Shapes

A collection of free forms, arches and apertures which can be styled as stills in private collections or can be used as prop in commercial settings.

Concrete Half Circle Tray Photo Prop by PASiNGA
Half Circle Tray from £9.50

Concrete Shape Collection 01 by PASiNGA
Shape Collection No01, shapes from £12.50
Concrete Shape Collection 02, still lines by PASiNGA
Shape Collection 02, shapes from £12.50
Minimal Shape Collection No06 by PASiNGA
Shape Collection No06, Set of 5 Shapes £52

Geometric Concrete Retail Display Photo Prop by PASiNGA
Geometric Concrete Circle Stairs, £41.50

Shape Collection No04 by PASiNGA
Shape Collection No04, single shape from £12.50
Minimal Shape Collection No06 by PASiNGA
Minimal Shape Collection No06, Set £52

Concrete Shape Collection No07 by PASiNGA
Shape Collection No07, Set of 5 Pieces £39
Modular Concrete Sculpture Still, geometric ornament set of 4, stackable photography prop, cement shape collection 05, minimal art decor by PASiNGA
Shape Collection No05, Set of 4, £42

Concrete Circle or Aperture Shapes by PASiNGA
Concrete Circle Set of 3, no10, £115.50
Concrete Still of 13 shapes, arch triangle stairs circle rectangle architectural photo prop blocks, jewellery retail display styling set no8 by PASiNGA
Concrete Still of 13 shapes, no8, Set £85