Shouting out loud, Thank you! Your first five star reviews of 2024 are in!

five star review for pasinga photo props and decor made from concrete


It is already April, the first 3 months of the new year long gone and honestly I have no idea how time can pass that quickly?!


Loads has happened from new designs to new unique jewellery display sets entering the shop, first two commissions are completed and your wonderful kind orders came in and I had the pleasure to craft and ship them out. 


Yes, and as silly as it sounds, I still make happy jumps for every sale and are in a bath of emotions when I receive your feedback. Here are some of your kind words, in no particular order of happiness!


five star review for pasinga decor made from concrete

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Finally - Eight New Unique Jewellery Display Sets! Check out those textures, aren't they stunning?

Unique Jewellery Display Set H04 By PASiNGA
Unique Display Set H04, £197.50

So excited and happy to finally tell you about these new and absolutely unique jewellery display and prop sets!  So sorry for the delay but I hope the gorgeousness was worth the wait!


Have a look at the unique shapes included, new stone effects and other textures, two and three tone mixes within the solids and altogether new shape combination and styling inspiration. Don't forget only one of each set is available, each set is unique and ready to ship! 

The images are linked so please click to find all and detailed information as well as the option to purchase the set!


Of course we can create a unique set for you and we can add more stands, risers and plinths to each set. I shall assist by showing some set add on options for some sets below. 

Unique Jewellery Prop Set of 21 Stands, H02, by PASiNGA
Unique Jewellery Prop Set of 21 Stands, H02, £164.50

Unique Jewellery Display Set of 28 Risers, H06, by PASiNGA
Unique Jewellery Display Set of 28 Risers, H06, £165.50
Unique Jewellery Display Set H08 of 34 Stands by PASiNGA
Unique Jewellery Display Set H08 of 34 Stands, £255.50

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The Easter holidays are about a month away but if you are as busy as I am you will need a bit of time for planning and doing.

I have found 3 intriguing monochrome Easter egg decorating DIY ideas for us. Especially if you are not one for big gifts at this time of the year, a little bit of crafting and a nice table setting will make the difference. Let's get in the mood for Easter!


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How You Live, Work and Style with Concrete Sculptures by PASiNGA

Amazing customers and a designer-maker who is overjoyed by wonderful ideas on how to work, style and live with individually handcrafted concrete sculptures. When I craft my design I always feel joy and once it is being finished with sanding and the last touch brushing of the dust I feel a bit proud. Of course I hope someone will love the piece I just finished as much as I do. So I guess you can imagine how I am bursting for happiness when I find social media shares, reviews with images or ongoing product captures with my pieces in it. 

Thank you all this is so amazing of you! ... read on 



How To: DIY Macramé To Hang Your Geometric Concrete Planter

After my last DIY Macramé to hang your geometric concrete vessel I received so much amazing feedback - thank you! and a lovely comment requesting one without the tassel. You are absolutely right, the tassel is an additional eye-catcher which could take away from the geometric vessel or plant. It took me a moment to find a way but here we go ... read on








Product Photography Styling Inspiration With PASiNGA Concrete Sculptures Image by Shop Houser

I have proudly collected some inspiration for editorial jewellery and product photography by wonderful creatives who choose to style their photoshoot with my concrete sculpture solids. Photographing your product is always a challenge, perfect light, perfect setup, well perfect everything some people say and there is most likely a good reason why one can specialise in product as well as in jewellery photography. But if you are a little like me, you admire and have to get on with it yourself ... read on



DIY Macramé Plant Hanger

Macramé hanging planters are everywhere and why not?!? They are beauties, space saving while giving a delightful happiness to the place where they have been hung. So while organising my own display I decided why not give it a try but of course not without showing you how I did my mini tassel Macramé variation ... read on 








Concrete Sculpture Solids A 5 Star Buy

I am not sure if one has ever a right to brag like this but I am just so proud. So many of you have chosen to buy my creations, decided to shop small and support someone working independently as a designer-maker. It means so much to me to be able to be creative every day and I have received so many wonderful reviews for my works throughout my three online stores and especially for this concrete modular sculpture and the single icosahedron concrete sculpture solid that it feels like a brag worthy 5-star buy. After all my lovely customers and clients have been the judge ... read on



New Concrete Cloud Trinket Ring Dish By PASiNGA

Happy news for a Monday, I have finished three new designs just in time for Christmas in July, back to school or just the mid year change things up moment. The first one is the one to the left, which I lovingly call 'cloud tray'. I worked on the design for quite some time as I wanted it to have a softly textured surface and a minimal dip as well as the cloud uniqueness while staying cohesive within the design. They feel very hygge, minimal ... read on



How to work with concrete, basic tips and tricks from PASiNGA concrete artist

Concrete is a wonderful versatile material to work with. What concrete is, how to get started to work with it and what tools to use, here are the basic tips and tricks as well as answers to your most asked questions since I started my DIY's ... read on






Behind the scenes, the making of a bespoke concrete jewellery box by PASiNGA design

It was an exciting moment when I received the request to design and finish a modern concrete jewellery or ring box. It is so adventurous to explore different shapes and sizes, the thought of knowing this box will be used to present an engagement ring or heirloom jewellery as well as of course meet my clients needs and vision. 

The bespoke design process itself started off with ... read on



Sustainability And PASiNGA Designs

Sustainability in my work is something I have been very conscious about from the beginning but this is not as easy as you might think as an artist who has chosen concrete to be her crafting material. 

But first things first, all stationery products are made from 100% recycled paper and card stock. They are also printed with eco-friendly inks locally in the UK. 

My art prints however are printed on archival photo paper to provide lasting photographic work. Framing options provided by myself as well as my chosen partner ... read on


DIY Rhombus Concrete Coaster Tutorial By PASiNGA Concrete-artist

Here we go again, anyone else having an ABBA day?! No, just me, ok! At the end of February I posted my first coaster Diy, the hexagon shape, and I was excited to receive your emails and feedback. It was just lovely to receive that request for another design to mix things up as well as the note if I could make it even clearer how I mean the 'air needs to get between concrete solid and mould' during the release process. So here we go, drumroll please!, welcome the rhombus design to craft another modern coaster! ... read on



Easter Table Decor Inspiration With PASiNGA Concrete Accents And Pastel Blossoms

It certainly feels like spring outside. The first soft pastel blossoms are around and I am getting all excited about Easter this year. I am not usually the one to do so but this years Easter nest DIY got me decorating all over the place. In many ways the whole table centrepiece started with the concrete hay nest and evolved to adding branches, eggs, candle holders, diamond ornaments, hay and party favours. Since our table is white I went for a clean setting without tablecloth, however white linen napkins add a useful soft touch. I am rather pleased with the soft almost fragile modern feel considering that rather hard objects made from concrete are centre stage. It feels very laid back and raw not to say minimal by all playfulness.  ... read on 


Fresh Easter Gift Ideas And New Concrete Designs By PASiNGA

Just a few weeks to go until Easter and if you are a little like me you want to surprise! I am so happy to say that I finished some new designs for us to share and feel inspired by. I was thinking of people for whom it is hard to shop for, for people you want to give something unique, yet not too big, the plant lover or modern design fan. Well, you will be the judge!    ... read on!



A Fun Family Concrete Hay Easter Nest Bowl Or Planter DIY

An Easter nest DIY made of concrete and hay or straw the perfect modern and crafty decor accent for the in- and outside. What can I say, it's an incredible fun to form these nests / bowls / planters by hand and just about right to enjoy with friends and family! .. read on








5 Tips On Spring Cleaning With Minimalism In Mind by PASiNGA

Based on the meteorological calendar Spring is here and I feel a bit of Spring cleaning with minimalism in mind could just be the thing. I personally can't decide between Spring and Autumn, I love them both, the life in the changes, the colours and light at those times. Anyway, I think it is the change which is giving me energy and inspiration to move and change as well. It is not that I think I own clutter or would ever have a problem with throwing stuff out, nope not me, I always feel refreshed after a good old clean and clear. Maybe, I am still too German, haha.  ... read on


Rustic Yet Modern Easter Table Decor Inspiration By PASiNGA

There is no rush or anything but I just found it so fitting to have a first exciting tease for easter on my blog today. After all it is already the last day of February and Easter is in about 6 weeks. I just think it is the right opportunity to start decorating and styling and charge the creative batteries for the Easter festivities ahead with happy bunny mood, haha! 


... read on




Modern PASiNGA Hexagon Concrete Coaster DIY

Spring is almost here and with it my desire to refresh and restyle my home. I hope I am not alone but I just fancy that fresh breeze, the soft spring sunshine and hope to catch it inside. I never really use coasters, no expensive furniture here, but my friend asked me about it and so did my mom and I just thought why not. I mean, they can be used in so many ways anyway, so here we go ... let us craft modern concrete hexagon coasters together!


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The concrete mountain tile one of two new jewellery display designs by PASiNGA art

Exciting news my first brand new designs for 2019 entered my shop! And what can I say it is not just one but two heavily geometric designs to grow our much loved modular concrete display and photo props options - fabulous!


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A concrete copper wire air plant holder diy by concrete artist PASiNGA with recycled, plastic and cling film moulds, check it out!

It is about time, I know time goes by way too fast but at long last I put together my first proper concrete diy instructions for you guys! 

Since you love Air Plants as much as I do, I thought it would be good to start with a concrete diy which combines the love for concrete, copper and Air Plants which can be decorated all year around. Not to worry I got more diy's coming up for the holiday season, yeah!

Today, I have prepared instructions for you to not just create one style but three. ... read on



Magazine all display, a minimal concrete and twine magazine or book holder diy

Oh look what I've got for you! 

If you are a bit like me you like things being organised but love magazines and books too. I mean they are everywhere and I often feel inspired by books or magazines. So I decided to mix things up and found that this concrete & twine book  / magazine wall display changed the feel of the room instantly. This DIY is so easy that I am going to keep the 'how to' very short. ... read on



Product Photography Styling Ideas With Concrete Blocks By PASiNGA photography and design

Thank you so much for all you kind notes on social media, your comments and requests in regards to more ideas and maybe with a background and so on. Here we go, your wish was my exciting command and I photographed my latest batch of modular geometric concrete blocks in multiple ways to inspire. 

But enough let's get right to it, shall we?! ... read on



Air Plant Quick Tip


How to revive your Air Plant after the summer holidays, step by step tips and tricks by PASiNGA blog

The Summer holidays have been amazing, right?! In London the sun was bright and hot, inviting to relax in long summer evenings. Point being, I did not water my Air Plants regularly and they are showing it - so how to revive them?! 

Summer sick Air Plants are plants who show signs of dry leaf tips or even whole dry leaves like shown in the picture row below. Your plant just had enough and will appreciate the following.     ... read on




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