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Pause, time to have a creative break

Hello everyone - today from the USA - yeah, hence the late post in UK time. It is Monday and I am on holiday, can you believe it?! Indeed a rare occasion. So here we go, of course I want to share that wonderful feeling of having a proper break with you! 

What can I say, I am sure everyone has it's own perfect dream of holiday sorted but to me it is food, new people, new impressions that inspire, taking photos of everything I come across for no purpose whatsoever ;) exploring and enjoying time with my other half. ... read on


Do It, For Yourself Free Monday Motivational Printable By PASiNGA Blog

It is the first Monday of the new year but it is still a Monday and I am in need of some motivation to get going while trying to set out my goals and priorities for this week. It's proper hard this week for me as I am all excited for my upcoming big holiday break. We planned it for so long and I can't wait for Friday! Anyhow, this break is surely for us, myself, to explore and adventure but I want to keep this statement in mind for all my goals to come whatever they might be. It is hard sometimes when crafting and designing to stay clear of just designing sellable goods - one has to eat, I am sure you can relate. on and grab your freebie!




Here We Come free inspirational print by PASiNGA

Marvellous - it is fantastic to welcome you to 2019 and all its adventures!

I for one can't wait to get started, loads of creative projects I want to get started on but all are with one goal in mind - sharing creativity and hopefully good vibes only. I think we need it and it is joy to me. Anyway, no proper life lesson to share from my side just the wish to all of you to have a joyful, happy, lively, crafty and loving new year!


.... read on for free printable!



Happy Holidays With Stunning Table Settings To Entertain This Season By PASiNGA

Next week is Christmas, what a rush!

It was amazing crafting and creating for you this Christmas and the whole year for that matter. I am so grateful for your love, support and for your thoughtfulness to customisation and personalisation! ...  


May these table settings be a bit of inspiration for all who still struggle to get into the festive mood. ... read on


I look forward to welcome you in 2019, cheers to the people who love us, the losers who lost us and the lucky bastards who get to meet us!* Antje



Wonderful 'Nikolaus' With Gifting Ideas  And Christmas Stories

Tomorrow is 'Nikolaus', I am not sure but I think, here in the UK it isn't such a big thing but growing up in Germany this was almost as important as Santa himself. On the evening of the 5th of December we cleaned and spit polished our shoes. Put them out nicely in a row and hoped for Nikolaus to put something in. If not for anything else I am keeping this tradition alive for the  cleaned shoes, haha. Anyhow, it is still 18 days until Christmas and I have featured 18 amazing designer makers and their stunning creations in the past months who could just make the perfect gift for you and your loved ones! 

Meet them all in an Advent Calendar kind of way to the left and of course in my Christmas stories ...  read on


DIY Winter Wreath Decoration PASiNGA Tutorial

December is here and I am decorating my studio with little bits of green to surround me with some festive mood and coziness. 

To me Winter, and maybe Christmas, warmth comes from a bit of of evergreens, pine cones, moss and candles but also from a bit of crafting just for myself. So here we go, a wreath DIY to get the spirits up. I promise these two are fairly easy and you can incorporate almost anything you are pleased with or cherish the most. ... read on



Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas By PASiNGA

Is there anything more exciting than wrapping a gift in anticipation of happy smiles and bright eyes, warm hugs and wonderful memories? Nothing right?! 

This year is especially exciting to me as my new concrete ornament series is available and new gift wrapping designs can be created but also because of the ever growing Furoshiki trend. So I decided all the presents for the adults will be gift wrapped in linen scarfs and kitchen towels  - haha guess who gets which?! ... read on


Thanksgiving or Autumn Feast Centrepiece Inspiration, A tables cape design with concrete copper accents, Reindeer moss, pumpkin and friends

Warm colours, heavy fresh air in the morning and wonderful warm candle light evenings - November. I tried to exactly incorporate all those feelings in my Thanksgiving table scape. Even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe, we do pumpkin feast and 'Herbstfest' I still have loads to be grateful for and like that about Thanksgiving. By far the most for every single design and creation I was allowed to craft and ship around the globe to wonderful customers and clients, indeed an amazing summer has gone bye. 

Let me try to say thank you with sharing some decorative ideas on how to make an autumn celebration a beautiful one. ... read on


Golden Happiness - Special Designer Maker Gift Guide Part 4

Handmade gift guide with designer maker introduction! Enjoy the Golden Happiness, part 4 of the Christmas series.

Golden happiness for all of us, we deserve it, don't you think?!

Yes, we got in the Christmas mood and resist to let it become the Christmas blues. We made the lists and checked it twice, sorted the cookie side of things cheekily or not and looked after ourselves as we should so we look stunning when Santa is finally coming. And that is just what we did now not to mention what we did the rest of the year!   ... read on


A Grownup Halloween Centrepiece Idea With Concrete, Moss And Air Plants

A proper Autumn tablescape featuring modern elegance and organic earthly produce. I know Halloween is coming up and I promised you I got you covered, so here is my rustic down to earth, natural 'grown up' way of an Autumn centrepiece and if you fancy it a 'BOo' or a face can easily be added to the pumpkin!

I don't know but with me being German and all, I grew up without these ghostly festivities, maybe I never really got it, but having said that, I surely enjoy a good table, nice company and  great food. So let's create my table as base and spookiness will come with nightfall .... read on 


Christmas Baking is part 3 of the PASiNGA artisan Christmas gift guide

October is here time to get the baking gear! Alright, I wont lie - I can't bake. I guess I have two choices, learn a new craft and get the rolling pin from Rose, and my grandma's secret recipe from my face purse from Nelle. Well, I would need an Elf or Elfie herself to keep the strong black coming from Jinny's twig espresso mug and hope not only tears and sweat end up in Laras beautiful kitchen towel .... Or, I could cheekily light a candle, enjoy my espresso calmly and ... read on




Magazine all display, a minimal concrete and twine magazine or book holder diy

Oh look what I've got for you! 

If you are a bit like me you like things being organised but love magazines and books too. I mean they are everywhere and I often feel inspired by books or magazines. So I decided to mix things up and found that this concrete & twine book  / magazine wall display changed the feel of the room instantly. This DIY is so easy that I am going to keep the 'how to' very short. 

... read on





A concrete copper wire air plant holder diy by concrete artist PASiNGA with recycled, plastic and cling film moulds, check it out!

It is about time, I know time goes by way too fast but at long last I put together my first proper concrete diy instructions for you guys! 

Since you love Air Plants as much as I do, I thought it would be good to start with a concrete diy which combines the love for concrete, copper and Air Plants which can be decorated all year around. Not to worry I got more diy's coming up for the holiday season, yeah!

Today, I have prepared instructions for you to not just create one style but three. ... read on


Summer Table Decor Ideas, Centrepieces With Air Plants & Geometric Concrete

Late summer, the perfect time for outdoor birthday parties or weddings, isn't it?! Well, I am not so lucky my birthday is in April but I think we all should celebrate the beauty of late as well as end of summer or the joy of being together. So I styled two tablescapes to get inspired by. Once you have the centrepiece you will have to show it off, wont you!?!.    


 ... read on



How to revive your Air Plant after the summer holidays, step by step tips and tricks by PASiNGA blog

The Summer holidays have been amazing, right?! In London the sun was bright and hot, inviting to relax in long summer evenings. Point being, I did not water my Air Plants regularly and they are showing it - so how to revive them?! 

Summer sick Air Plants are plants who show signs of dry leaf tips or even whole dry leaves like shown in the picture row below. Your plant just had enough and will appreciate the following.     ... read on



PASiNGA, designer maker photography and concrete art

Hello, I am Antje the artist, designer maker, founder and 'blogger' of PASiNGA. From time to time guest blogger Heidi is writing a post for us. PASiNGA is my artist name which describes best what I love, do and of course will be blogging about: photography, art, design and modern structures and architecture. More info about me and my work is over here.










How I Use My Concrete Vessels To Fragrance Our House by PASiNGA

Time to cozy up, winter time is approaching and the autumn colours are wonderfully warm and inviting. To me this is reason enough to change things around, decorate and fragrance my few bowls and candle holders.   ... read on... 

DIY Floating Pine Cone Concrete Christmas Tutorial With Plastic & Aluminium Moulds

I think I've got the most fun DIY concrete tutorial for you yet!! What could be more Winter than a bit of snow, candle light evenings and pine cones around the house - nothing right?!  Not to mention the Scandinavian decor trends which all feature prominently pine cones in all sorts and sizes and why not, it's a natural beauty. 

My take is to display them floating which makes a perfect eye-catcher on a sideboard, window sill  or adds an extra dimension to a table scape or buffet display. But enough with my decor phantasies let's get right to it and make these floating pine cone concrete stands first! ... read on


DIY Baking Paper Concrete Candle Holder Tutorial To Create A Tree Bark Texture

It's official - the candle season is here, is it not?! Well, I think I waited long enough, mind me I am lighting candles since September and it's just wonderful how cosy my tiny studio feels. It is small all the time but you know what I mean, the warm light is the essence of hygge I think. Anyway, that's not what todays blog post is about - my fabulously easy baking paper concrete candle holder tutorial!!! Yes, you heard right we are going to create a bit of a tree bark texture with something as handy as baking paper. We wont need any grease, fat or tape at all. In a way or two it will feel like baking but what do I know, I can't bake even though I enjoy a good cake like no other. Anyway, moving on - shall we get started?! 

... read on 


Product Photography Styling Ideas With Concrete Blocks By PASiNGA photography and design

Thank you so much for all you kind notes on social media, your comments and requests in regards to more ideas and maybe with a background and so on. Here we go, your wish was my exciting command and I photographed my latest batch of modular geometric concrete blocks in multiple ways to inspire. 


But enough let's get right to it, shall we?! ... read on


Air Plant Quick Tip


 Woop woop, they have arrived!

How to care for your Air Plant, Quick tip by PASiNGA

Featured Article Series

By Guest Blogger Heidi


Inspiration Frank Lloyd Wright and  image by Heidi Mergl for PASiNGA Blog

Since I visited some of his buildings in and around Chicago a couple of years ago I am especially touched by the Robie House in Chicagos Oak Park. Its horizontal emphasis, use of materials and custom design from tip to toe make it something very special. The main space is one open plan living area which was revolutionary at the time and Wright applied his previously established principle of using screens.    ... read on

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