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Geometric Concrete Photography Props and Jewellery Styling Inspiration, blog post by PASiNGA

I have heard about 'hygge' a while back and thought well, fair enough I like to cosy up, get the kettle on and the cosy blanket out. Done, right?!

Well, I went to Copenhagen during spring this year and of course what was the most interesting thing to bring back 'The little book of hygge' by Meik Wiking. I read it and found loads of habits and ideas on how we should make us all feel better. All nice and jolly. Thing is though, recently I came across more and more posts and articles like 'Hygge on a budget', 'Hygge vs Minimalism', 'Hygge for home and work' and so on. And two weeks ago I went to Germany, just to visit family over the weekend, you know the hygge way. At the airport I browsed some magazines and found that they even just published a magazine called 'Hygge' featuring all sort of lifestyle options and what we all should do to feel better.

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Geometric Concrete Photography Props and Jewellery Styling Inspiration, blog post by PASiNGA

May I inspire you?
I do love crafting concrete sculpture solids and the more unique the more fun I am having. I usually create minimal artistic stills but recently I also used them to display and elevate works by other artists.
Since these blocks are one offs in the way they feature imperfections and often in the combination or design they are sold in as well, the styled images of the set wont be seen on my site anymore. I think that is a shame as they can inspire and help to get started with setting up and get the creative juices running.

So here we go a collection of photography styling ideas for jewellery, pins and smaller beauty items. ... read on ...


Growing Air Plants From Seeds, blog post by PASiNGA

I feel so lucky that this wonderful Rubra Air Plant surprised me this Easter with an amazing explosion of its seed bomb!

So now what to do with it?! 

First of all it took almost a year to get here. The Rubra bloomed for a couple of months first [image on the right], changed her leave colour from this lovely pink back to green and a dark brown hard 'cone', the seed pod, formed in the centre.  read on ...


Get Cozy For Winter With Candles & Concrete, blog post by PASiNGA

Last minute Happy Easter decor ideas with items you purchased the most recently - for yourself or to give as gifts! Thank you!


My favourite is the geometric bowl too! On the left I just added some dark green and pale Reindeer Moss to nest the 'boiled' egg. I am a fan of scrambled eggs and the egg shells make a wonderful Air Plants holder for this Capitata Peach. ... read on ...

June 2017

Air Plant Life Cycle, blog

Tillandsias or Air Plants are tropical plants that usually live for several years however will bloom and produce flowers only one time during their lifetime.

The flowers are striking and brilliantly colored, and the bloom period will last from several days to many months, depending on the species. Take the Rubra on the left for example, we are about 2 months in and the blue flower is not fully grown yet.....

read on and find out about blooming, pups and clumping

June 2017

Etsy Stationery Collaboration, blog

Love your desk.  Etsy UK put together the most beautiful collection of journals, notebooks, pencil cases and many more trendy desk supplies for stationery lovers. 

Nothing brings joy to a dull day in the office like a little desk candy. All items are exquisitely designed ...


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May 2017

Copper Ideas For In- And Outdoors, blog post by

Greens, stone, wood and copper an unbeatable beautiful combination.

I love how each material ages, on its own or together. The rustic charm and the interesting textures are wonderfully warm, industrial as well as natural and inviting. I am the kind of girl who likes aged copper ...       ... read on ...

Apr 2017

4 Examples To Fix Up A Seating Area, blog post by

Yes, it's time for some family time and - oi - is my studio a mess. My baby sister is coming for a visit soon and it will be the first time for the kiddos, so I hope to create a little indoor as well as outdoor area.

So many ideas are out there  ... read on ...

Apr 2017

How to care for your Air Plant, part 2, by

You have done the basics - water, air and love. You are ready for the next step and your Air Plant/s too?
Well ok, let's do this!



 ... read on ...

Mar 2017

Pops Of Green, Indoor Jungle Display Ideas, PASiNGA Blog

If you are little like me you will feel happier with pops of green around you. I am a huge fan of Air Plants and prefer succulents and cacti to most plants but I think it doesn't matter which type of plant you are into - we all like to nicely display our beauties, right?! Here is a collection of display options I have recently been inspired by. 

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Mar 2017

7 Spaces That Make The Best Of Blush Tones, Inspiration by, image via Pinterest

7- maybe 8 - spaces that are looking pretty good with a touch of blush. Soft or dusty pinks as well as copper tones are on trend but no wonder look at these places how welcoming and fresh they are.   read on ...

Feb 2017

Hinting Spring, New Air Plant Collection by

It is no secret that I simply love

- no green thump needed - Air Plants and who says we have to wait for spring when we can enjoy these living beauties and their beautiful white green and orange pink red shades right now. Pimp your room, bookshelf, desk or wall, get your indoor gardening started ... read on ...

Feb 2017

Black Walls For Art, decor blog post

From Dark Grey To Black ...


Loving the contrast and how easily eye-catching highlights are being created. I think it doesn't matter which style of artwork you add, it always looks elegant, calm and sophisticated.  Personally I am preferring a chalkboard 


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Jan 2017

Custom Concrete House Sculpture Set by PASiNGA

The end of January is approaching and it is about time to catch up. Shame on me, that I did not find the time to post more regularly  last year and even more so during the thankfully busy Christmas period. So here we go, highlights of the wonderful little things from the end of October 2016 until today.

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Jan 2017

7 Monochrome Interiors That Inspire To Add Cozy Greys, PASiNGA Blog

So calm and so inviting to relax and breathe - cozy greys.

It doesn't matter which shade is for you as the calmness of grey always compliments your lifestyle. To me a dark grey is the best fit for spaces to rest and cuddle up and a lighter shade works better for a living or dining room. Mmhhhh well, I am in love with everything grey scale, it's timeless, elegant, simply beautiful but I guess, and since you know my work, you knew that already.

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PASiNGA, designer maker photography and concrete art

Hello, I am Antje the artist, designer maker, founder and 'blogger' of PASiNGA. From time to time guest blogger Heidi is writing a post for us. PASiNGA is my artist name which describes best what I love, do and of course will be blogging about: photography, art, design and modern structures and architecture. More info about me and my work is over here.











Popular Posts


How I Use My Concrete Vessels To Fragrance Our House by PASiNGA

Time to cozy up, winter time is approaching and the autumn colours are wonderfully warm and inviting. To me this is reason enough to change things around, decorate and fragrance my few bowls and candle holders.   ... read on... 

Get Cozy For Winter With Candles & Concrete, blog post by PASiNGA

Hygge Up!

It feels like winter is coming and the time for candles is here, so let's restyle our concrete vessels and accessories.

I have some vessels, dinner or taper candles, silver foil, Reindeer Moss, an eucalyptus branch and to set it all a lighter and bit of water.

One option would be to wrap a bit of aluminium / silver foil around the base of a candle. Please be messy and when pushing it gently into the recess of your vessel it will create different openings to place a bit of fir or eucalyptus.  ... read on ...

Featured Articles

By Guest Blogger Heidi


Inspiration Frank Lloyd Wright and  image by Heidi Mergl for PASiNGA Blog

Since I visited some of his buildings in and around Chicago a couple of years ago I am especially touched by the Robie House in Chicagos Oak Park. Its horizontal emphasis, use of materials and custom design from tip to toe make it something very special. The main space is one open plan living area which was revolutionary at the time and Wright applied his previously established principle of using screens.    ... read on ...


Illustration by Heidi Mergl, Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Blog

The son of a minister and teacher Wright was brought up with literature by Emerson and Goethe and music by Bach and Beethoven. As a result he placed man in the centre of his buildings with human values always being the first consideration in his design process and the industrial revolution gave him the tools to realize his imaginations.  ... read on ...


Frank Lloyd Wright Part 3, blog post by Heidi

Let's dive right in - part 1 and 2 showed that the connectivity of spaces and their arrangement in plan is key to the user experience. When Wright got the opportunity to work on a museum for Guggenheim he proposed a fluid flow of exhibition spaces. These were arranged along one ascending spiral ramp around a central atrium. Visitors would take a lift to the top floor and experience the exhibits along a continuous journey without the need to retrace their steps to find the exit.      read on ...


Air Plant Quick Tip


Doping For Your Air Plant by, image via Pinterest

Do you like a hot wonderful bubble bath? - guess what, your Air Plant does too! ... read on ...

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