What do you do?

I'm a London-based artist and creative entrepreneur with a great love for design and making or in other words - a photographer who has moved into concrete sculpting. I focus primarily on monochrome art but often branch out into creating other visuals and versatile objects. 

How did you begin on that path?

I graduated from University and moving to London, be it just for a year abroad, sounded too good no to do it. Originally, I was planing on trying to get an internship or something within a photo studio with a marketing background or something similar. On my way developing my portfolio and so, my friend dared me and asked me to sell my own work in 2011. Long story short, I did dare and was utterly blown away that someone wanted my work. I sold a print of mine the first day at the market with the most awful setup imaginable, while every trader around me had pity with me how unprepared I was. From there my photographic work opened new doors of creativity and everything started to build and evolve, and still does.

Photography and Concrete Artist PASiNGA Pictured With Her Work
PASiNGA - Antje Nixdorf designing sculpture solids

What's one thing we should know about you?

I also talk to my plants, have long arguments in my head about everything and I love, really love, my morning coffee.

What inspires you?

As a photographer and designer I would say urban architectural surroundings. As a photographer I draw from the simplicity and the unexpected and as a designer from the beauty of the materials as well as  the urge to find new use for them and show off the beauty I see. But sometimes inspiration is provoked by nothing in particular and jet something to draw creativity from. Tiny passing moments have ripple-on effects. 

Greatest achievement so far?

That moment at the market when someone stopped, looked at my work, asked for the price, looked at the piece again and said I want this and bought it like that. We shook hands and we both have been pleased. 

I am still humbled by every sale or compliment for my work and I hope it will never change. 

And the biggest challenge?

As a creative-entrepreneur you have daily challenges, every year you learn about new rules and regulations and so on and forth. But truly my biggest challenge is creating for me. 

Envisioning things for me, sticking to my vision until all is as I want it before showing it to my fans and customers. Daring and choosing to have a go and learn from whatever happens. Anyhow, so far it's been phenomenal!

What do you stand for?

Honest materials, a simplistic aesthetic and honest work. It's important to see and feel the hours of work and passion that have gone into a finish product.

Where does the name 'PASiNGA' come from?

Well, my name is Antje Nixdorf but I wanted my artist name to describe me and my work.

The word is formed from the following words which best describe what I do and love -  photography, art, design and my inspiration of everyday surroundings, modern structures and architecture. So the signing name for me as an artist became and is 'PASiNGA'.