Welcome to black and white urban photography, modern recycled paper stationery, versatile geometric concrete art and trendy floating Air Plants

Collection Of Concrete Ornaments & Pendants by PASiNGA
Collection Of Concrete Ornaments & Pendants, Sets from £ 9.50
Monochrome Photographic Art Prints by PASiNGA
Monochrome Photographic Art Prints, from £ 12.50

Recycled Paper Pocket Notebooks & Greeting Cards by PASiNGA
Recycled Paper Pocket Notebooks & Greeting Cards, from £ 2.50
Concrete Air Plant and Candle Holder by PASiNGA
Concrete Air Plant and Candle Holder, from £ 8.00

Geometric Concrete Sculptures & Solids by PASiNGA
Geometric Concrete Sculptures & Solids, from £ 9.50

Exciting Air Plants for any concrete vessel or on it's own, from £ 2.50

Curated collections of soulful gift ideas!

Concrete Copper Stationery Gift Set by PASiNGA
Stationery Concrete Copper Gift Set Idea

Event decor, table setting ideas & cherished party favours!

Beauty Is Often Simple And Unexpected.

Create a new look or draw attention with contemporary minimalist black and white photography, sustainable stationery and individually crafted concrete sculptures or functional geometric living accessories.

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