Concrete Bracelet Display Tray By PASiNGA
Concrete Tray - Olga, £22.50
Concrete Cloud Trinket Tray by PASiNGA
Cloud Tray, £15.99

Jewellery display trays, tiles, blocks and trinkets

Functional as they are versatile, concrete trinkets, tiles, blocks and jewellery trays can be styled and used in endless ways. The designs work easily with other PASiNGA props from block set to earring stands but can also be an eye-catching solo prop!

Concrete Jewellery Display Half Circle Trays by PASiNGA
Half Circle Tray, from £9.50

Concrete Jewellery Tray, trinket by PASiNGA
Trinket Dish, £12.50
Concrete Hexagon Trinket Set of 3 by PASiNGA
Hexagon Trinket Set of 3, £24.50
Concrete origami jewellery display tray by PASiNGA
Origami Display, from £30

Concrete Hexagon and Planter Gift Set by PASiNGA
Hexagon Tray and Vessel, £19.50
Concrete bracelet tray or jewellery set display tile medusa, by PASiNGA
Medusa Jewellery Tray, £22.50

Rainbow Ring Organiser Display by PASiNGA
Rainbow Ring Organiser Display, £15.50