It is so amazing to create for you and you wont believe the hype of happiness I feel when I receive your kind notes, emails or see your social media shares of your new treasure.

Thank You!

MrJDo 17.Feb.2017
5 stars on Easy - 'Great look for our studio'

joshchik                               March, 2017



They are gorgeous. I'm simply in awe right now! The variations in color of the darker piece give it an industrial quality and incredible texture, which I'm in love with. THANK you. You've made this guy's dream come true.'




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Amazing PASiNGA Etsy Shop Reviews
Amazing PASiNGA Etsy Shop Reviews above and more below
November 2016
'Hi Antje, 
Just wanted to thank you for creating and sending my order so promptly.  It was a real delight opening your parcel. Your concrete sculptures look wonderful with my jewellery collections, I'm sure I'll be ordering more in the future, along with a few air plant holders - they're great too.
Thanks again,  Sarah McCallum Jewellery'

Testimonial Product Photo for PASiNGA Concrete Art by Shari
Image by Shari

March 2016


Thank you so much again - you saved my day!!

Die Töpfe sind echt wunderschön!! Ich habe hier mal ein Bild für dich gemacht :-)

Ich liebe sie einfach! Es sieht wirklich wunderschön zusammen aus... Es ist das perfekte Geschenk- ich bin echt über glücklich!!!



Your Reviews in my Etsy Store

PASINGA Etsy Shop Customer Feedback Rating
Your kind feedback | My Etsy Shop | Dec.2014
Satisfied Customer Photo of PASiNGA concrete art
Displayed in J's home in Sweden

J said thank you by sending this lovely collage
and I think this is awesome!!

London Sweden 01Nov,2014

Your Notes via Email

Photography 'Battersea Power Station' - sold 2012, customer image feedback
Photography 'Battersea Power Station' - sold 2012, image by my happy customer

 ... sold via Camden Lock Market Stall in 2012

and May 2014 [via twitter]


Mir fällt siedendheiss ein, daß so ein Foto noch aussteht. Na, gut! Hat jetzt 2 Jahre gedauert.;o)

December 2013 ... sold via Etsy

... 'Thank you soooooo much! We received you're beautiful piece,
my daughter loved it! ... You made a young lady very, very happy!
Her newly decorated room looks gorgeous, and you're piece finished it out perfectly!
Please keep brightening up the world with your work.
Artists like you make this world a better place.' ...

Marc and Family

customer feedback to the handmade canvas wall decor
London Canvas - sold only from Jan. 2012- Dec.2013

Customer Feedbeck for PASiNGA Matted London Photo Art - Sold via Camden Lock Market 2012
Matted London Photo Art in kitchen of Sabines home- Sold via Camden Lock Market 2012

Ich hatte einen tollen London Urlaub in 2012 und fand es grossartig einzigartige Fotoarbeiten direkt von der Kuenstlerin PASiNGA auf dem Camden Lock Market kaufen zu koennen. Seit dem hat mich weder London noch ihre Fotokunst ganz losgelassen und so erweiterte ich meine Kollektion mit zwei weiteren Werken. Es ist wunderbar sich auf Service und Qualitaet verlassen zu koennen.
Vielen Dank,

Dezember 2013

Customer Feedbeck for PASiNGA Matted London Photo Art - Sold via Camden Lock Market 2012
Image of Matted London Architecture Photo Art on the living room wall in Sabines home - Sold via my Website 2013

July 2013

Thank you so so much, WOW,  you have no idea how happy you have made me, my sister is going to absolutely love it, fantastic service.

Thanks again


PASiNGA industrial blacka nd white folded note card
PASiNGA industrial folded card 'THE GAS HOLDER'
PASiNGA London street photography called 'busy' in black and white
PASiNGA London street photography called 'busy'

 July 2013
Just to let you know my package arrived today. I couldn't be more delighted with it! Thank you very much for everything, it's really beautiful! Suzi


picture of a design of photograph with family poem handcrafted as canvas wall art

Here was present time!
What a fantastic idea - you wrote a poem and we created together with pleasure and love this unique, personal  and handcrafted canvas wall art.

It found it's place in Goettingen [Germany]
with Misbah and her family.

Er erklaert was ihm gefaellt zu Kunst! Was eine Ehre an seiner 'Wand der Kreativen' mit meinem London photographs dabei zu sein!
Vielen Dank an Wolfgang im Ruhrgebiet!

In Germany [Ruhrgebiet] added to Wolfgangs
art wall with style!

We met at Camden Lock Market 2012 and as much joy it was to chat with you there as much fun is it to see your wall with style. Thank you!
In Barcelona with Alex and his Family!