In Press and Media

May 2017, Pages 153 to 157, Geometric Concrete Solids utilised as Jewellery Display

Marie Clair, May17 featuring PASiNGA concrete art

November 2016, Artist Interview,

Pages 44 and 45

b:ton Magazine Cover Autumn 2016
b:ton Magazine Cover Autumn 2016
PASiNGA featured in the b:ton Magazine NL
Pages 44 and 45 of the b:on Magazine NL

Wylde Magazine, Photography David Newton, Stuling Bettina Vetter, Concrete Sculpture PASiNGA Sep.2016,Page 19
Wylde Magazine Sep.2016, Issue 10, Page 19

WYLDE Magazine September 2016, Pages 18 and 19



'Worth digging for: when two esteemed jewellery houses produce signature scents. The results are as dazzling as their gems. Wisely forgoing surface glitz for cool monochrome bottles. BULGARI and Van Cleef & Arpels save the impact for what's inside' [Quote Issue 10 Page18]

Photography by David Newton, Styling Bettina Vetter, Concrete Sculptures by PASiNGA

Elle Decoration |  Netherlands March 2016


  photography James Stokes,

styling Evelien Reich & Lisa van der Klok | Page 28 - 35

Elle Decoration, Netherlands March 2016
Elle Decoration, Netherlands March 2016
Elle Decoration, Netherlands, March 2016, featuring the PASiNGA Concrete Planet Set of 9
Elle Decoration, Netherlands, March 2016, page 32-33, featuring the PASiNGA Concrete Planet Set of 9

ARRAY magazine Feb-May 2016, Page 17

Inside The New York Design Center


Interior Inspirations, Modern ideas, designs and styles for your home; words Elisabeth Hutton | Page 74 - 75

HELLO Magazine | No 1384 | 22 June 2015

HELLO lifestyle | Page 105

HELLO magazine, page 105 features PASiNGA concrete art
HELLO magazine, no1384, page 105

'Property Boom' news today!
PASiNGA concrete houses and one dodecahedron concrete sculpture are featured in the UK HELLO Magazine / lifestyle.

'The latest trends in interiors are inspired by exteriors. High-rise residences, Georgian gems and suburban semis - it's time to get excited by bricks and motar'

NISHA magazine issue 02|2015
| מגזין נישה - 02/2015 גיליון [read magazine]

Etsy London Magazine & POP UP | Christmas 2014

2 0 1 5

Style at Home |  July 2015

Stylish Homes, Affordable Ideas | Page 13

If you're after impact make a statement with concrete style
IN A ROW, House Set by PASiNGA' 

Betong | #1 Februar 2015 - Page 62

2 0 1 4

WYLDE MAGAZINE issue 6|2014
Geometric Concrete Sculptures by PASiNGA


2 0 1 3

Industrial Art Calendar 2014 by PASiNGA featured in Elle Decoration France, December 2013
Industrial Art Calendar 2014 featured in Elle Decoration France, December 2013

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reviews + Interviews

Artist Interview by Kate Marsden for Just A Card Org.                                              |2016

' PASiNGA, September 16, 2016

By Kate Marsden


A few weeks ago we had a (two members of the) Just A Card team outing and visited the Etsy Market on the rooftop of John Lewis Oxford Street in London. We spotted lots of familiar faces and some new people too – but everything we saw was inspiring. Today I thought I’d bring you one of the artists we chatted to that day – meet Antje of PASiNGA… '



It was a lovely interview as Kate have been covering questions from how, why and where I started my creative work to ambitions and challenges as well as tips and my favourite shops to buy at the moment.

'Tell us a little about you. What do you do?

PASiNGA is an independent artist and designer-maker. Each creation is envisioned, designed and often entirely crafted by the artist herself celebrating uniqueness in every piece.

Founded in 2011 by the German but London, UK based artist Antje Nixdorf, who chose PASiNGA as her artist name. It describes what she loves and does: photography, art, design and her inspiration of everyday surroundings and modern architecture. An artisan brand known for minimalist photographic and sculptural concrete art, monochrome sustainable stationery and home accessories characterized by touches of pattern, timeless muted tones and dual purpose. ....'

PASiNGA Studio Sneak Peek and Review by HANNAH IN THE HOUSE                 |2015

' I recently discovered a beautiful selection of handmade concrete sculptures by Antje Nixdorf for PASiNGA, selling on Etsy. Handcrafted in Antje’s London studio, she creates various shapes, bowls, diamonds and geometric forms,which are very cool and very on trend. What caught my eye, obviously, was the super cool, minimal house shapes they look very scandinavian and beautifully minimal.

I had been chatting to Antje at a recent Etsy event which was great as I’m such a fan of her work. Listening to her passion for her work was so refreshing, it made me love these concrete sculptures even more. As simple and minimal as they may look, Antje’s work is very technical from the geometric moulds, material, smooth finish and quality. Less is more as they say.

As I chatted to Antje I discovered that she did custom pieces too, which does say on the Etsy site but I’d missed it. I was curious to see how easy this would be to order and if it would be really expensive so when I got home I placed my very own order. ..'

... go on read the full article over on Hannah's Blog [Hannah In The House] and by the way there is much more minimal modern design to explore!

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