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Geometric Concrete Photography Props and Jewellery Styling Inspiration

Geometric Concrete Jewellery Display Inspiration, Blog Post by PASiNGA

May I inspire you?
I do love crafting concrete sculpture solids and the more unique the more fun I am having. I usually create minimal artistic stills but recently I also used them to display and elevate works by other artists.
Since these blocks are one offs in the way they feature imperfections and often in the combination or design they are sold in as well, the styled images of the set wont be seen on my site anymore. I think that is a shame as they can inspire and help to get started with setting up and get the creative juices running.

So here we go a collection of photography styling ideas for jewellery, pins and smaller beauty items....

Stack them ...

Black Concrete Photography Props and Jewellery Styling Inspiration By PASiNGA
Stackable Concrete Photography Props and Jewellery Styling Inspiration By PASiNGA
Geometric Concrete Photography Props and Jewellery Styling Inspiration By PASiNGA
Minimal Monochrome Concrete Photography Props and Jewellery Styling Inspiration by PASiNGA
Concrete Solids Photo Props and Jewellery Styling Inspiration By PASiNGA
Monochrome Concrete Photography Props and Jewellery Styling Inspiration by PASiNGA

Align them ...

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Custom Concrete Work

Sorry I have been so quiet all week but I am luckily busy with four custom orders - which are due to be finished this week.

This is one of them but not to worry I will be adding more details on my custom page soon.

Well let's get back to work!

have a fantastic day,

lots of love and creativity,
Antje x

Concrete sculpture || custom work || #concrete #pasinga #photography #pasingaart

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Concrete is weak ... without its reinforcement

Custom Diamond Concrete Set, Little good to knows 'Reinforced Concrete' Blog Post
Custom Extra Large Concrete Diamond Set - The largest one measures a height of 10 inches, with the medium one being 8 inches tall, the smallest is 6 inches tall.

Similarly to stone concrete has a very high compressive strength while not performing to well under tension. During the 1850s European engineers tackled this problem by inserting steel bars into the concrete.


The solution – reinforced concrete – was born and is now more common than concrete on its own. The reinforcement used is mainly steel in the form of bars and meshes and structural fibres made of various materials­.

The facts have been curated by Guest Blogger Heidi.

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The Romans and their Building Material | Concrete

Pantheon in Rome, inside sketch by Heidi, for how concrete PASiNGA Blog
Pantheon in Rome, inside sketch by Heidi

Concrete comes from the Latin word “concretus” and means hard and compact.  The material was already in use a couple of thousand years ago and many Roman structures like the dome of the Pantheon in Rome remain to the current day.

Today cement is readily available all over the globe making concrete the most commonly used man-made material.


We hope you enjoy this little 'Good to Know' and we are looking forward to your comments and your next visit.

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Stone like Mass | Reality | Concrete

Concrete Planets, Set of 9 by PASiNGA
Concrete Planets, Set of 9

The word concrete means that something exists in reality but in the construction industry it refers to the stonelike mass that is created by mixing gravel, sand, water and cement.
A chemical process occurs over time gradually hardening the aggregates together. The result is a strong material commonly used for building works but also other applications - as you know - hint hint - concrete work -  due to the endless possibilities of molding the fluid mass into shape before it sets.

The article, facts and information are curated by Guest Blogger Heidi.

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Strength and Structure Test


About two weeks ago I was asked by a lovely client to create an extra large concrete diamond set.

Today I am doing a strength and structure, stability and quality test - well I throw it around! Why?
Due to the size the concrete diamonds would become too heavy. They are supposed to be display/show objects and should offer the option to be easily carried.
My solution is a custom styrofoam core which than is covered by concrete. However as the concrete is now only the shell I needed to test it to ensure it is stable. Okay you got me - anything to throw a bit of concrete around.

Allow me to provide you with some facts.
|| size: 200mm/8inch tall, max width 250mm/10inch
|| this concrete sculpture is 2.5 weeks young
|| finish and structure: concrete, foam core, reinforcement; some crazing [crazing is a network of fine barely visible surface cracks]

Thrown 3 times and I am 1.80m tall.
The tip did break but was still in place due to the fibers. However you could take it apart. One pointy side showed the same signs.

It did not break. These are not natural forces which the sculpture should withhold but it is always good to know that it would and that the structure is sound.

With proper care the concrete diamond sculptures should be fine for a long time.


!!!! DON'T DO IT AT HOME || If you must - always wear safety glasses and proper boots !!!!!

Thanks for stopping by - I look forward to your comments!
All the best,


Concrete Art | Winter Care

Proper maintenance is necessary to protect your concrete art from the freeze-thaw cycles that occur in the winter. Any piece that can hold water, snow, or ice

[this includes planters and statuary and not just birdbaths and fountains] can be damaged.


Here are some tips on how to minimize possible winter damage.


If a planter is left planted over the winter, raise it up off the ground.

If a planter is going to be empty over the winter it is a good idea to store it in the garage, shed, or porch away from the elements.

If a planter cannot be moved into a garage or shed; empty it and turn the planter upside down. Place the planter onto wood strips, cover or wrap with burlap or any absorbent material, and finally cover it with dark plastic. This will prevent moisture from getting into the planter.

Tender Loving Care    ||    for your concrete art   

Concrete Diamond Planter by PASiNGA

Thanks for stopping bye!

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Diamonds!... Diamonds!... made of concrete

A custom order of 20 cement diamond sets. After the casting they have now spend the night drying and waiting for packaging. Each set will have a small and a large diamond in mix design shapes.

concrete craft station - phone snappy while they are drying
concrete craft station 5 am in my studio - phone snappy while they are drying
concrete craft station - phone snappy while they are drying
concrete craft station - phone snappy while they are drying

these shapes in these sets
these shapes in these sets

That's it with my little VIP Pass for you. I hope you like what you see.
I thank my lovely customer for her order and trust,

all the best to all of you


11 am time is up - they are good to go;
12 pm gift wrapping is done and the courier is booked - fingers crossed he will be here on time - so the box has to close now ...

ready for courier - PASiNGA gift box filled with concrete diamonds in sets of 2 in different shapes and sizes
20 sets of 2 diamonds in different shapes and designs are ready for the courier

 more is in my CONCRETE Shop