Geometric Wreath DIY, Winter Decor Tutorial With Concrete, Copper And Evergreens

Amazing, isn't it?, to me it feels like the year went by way too fast so far but the Autumn glow is beautiful and after I have set up candles and pumpkins I can't wait to get my Winter decor up beautifully. 

Since we created wonderful easy geometric wreaths for summer parties and so on I was thinking of using the triangular copper base once more for a winter wreath. This one will not be on my door but on my wall next to some soon to be there Christmas cards which I am going to display with my wall magazine display. Anyhow, that is my vision for now but to start the display off, lets get started with the wreath. 

Materials are evergreens, pine cones, two pieces of copper, copper coloured nylon threat, cylinder concrete ornaments. Feel invited to add or change to your liking. 

DIY Geometric Winter Wreath Tutorial Materials

Copper wreath base

To create the wreath base, you first threat the copper rod with your nylon threat. I matched the coloured but black backer twine looks also good. Before you knot it at your preferred length you add the copper ring. The longer rod is about 30cm long and has a diameter of 5mm while the copper ring is about 5cm long and has a diameter of 3cm. For more details on how to get there and a step by step in pictures have a look back to the summer wreath variation here. Your base should look similar to the one pictured on the left. 

Now it's time to take the largest piece of fir or other evergreen you might have. In regards to the size, it should not be much longer than the large rod but soft straying twigs from the branch can overhang by 10 to 20cm as pictured below.
This branch/large twig goes through the wide copper ring first. Smaller twigs of the branch can be pulled out of the ring on the other side, to create an organic assembly. 

Geometric Winter wreath DIY and tutorial on how to attach pine cones and concrete ornaments
New - Pine Cones are available under GREENS for the season! Check above or click the image!

I added an eucalyptus twig as well, for a bit of contrast and to soften the look. It all goes through the big ring. It should sit firm but the wreath is not ready to be lifted yet. Next, adding detail - pine cones and concrete ornaments, there are so many ways these could be added. I am after a natural look for the wreath with a bit of a modern twist. Since the wreath is not going to be on my door but still on my wall, I will add the concrete ornaments as long hanging eye-catchers. So that's the plan and to get there I started off by adding the pine cones first to the fir branch. As pictured above I knotted the small pine cones to the main branch, since the mint green highlight of the eucalyptus twig is just enough to compliment the shiny copper. 

Geometric Wreath DIY Modern Winter Decor Tutorial With Concrete, Copper And Evergreens

From there I move on to add the ornaments. The diamond mix was my first thought but I feel Christmas is more of a bauble, cylinder kind of vibe. So here we go, I cut the threat, all a different length and went for the golden looped cylinder ornaments but you can mix the ornaments or go for others altogether, add pine cones or berries. Creativity has no limits, have fun! One thing though, I made sure to knot the threat over the main twig of the evergreen and the long copper rot for extra stability and since finer or smaller things bend over the knot you wont see those. Which means I added the ornament to the threat, looped one end of the threat around the fir twig and the copper rod together twice and knotted this looped ending with the other ending to hang the ornament [pictured details of this are also shown in the summer wreath variation].

As a finishing touch I added a smaller twig of fir between the branch and the Eucalyptus twig to give it even more volume and the copper ring had some space left. Furthermore, I gently pulled the knotted ending of the hanging inside the rod to have a very clean look. And Tadahh, on the right my example on how things can look. It took about half an hour to get it done and it can be adjusted so easily. For example family ornaments or fairy lights can be added or make it even bigger and have this instead of a Christmas tree. One thing is for sure it gives my room a proper winter almost Christmassy feeling. It is wonderful for small spaces and can easily be hung within a gallery wall which is basically what I am going to do. 

Geometric Winter Wreath Tutorial With Concrete, Copper And Evergreens

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little decor idea and I look forward to your wreaths and ideas, leave a comment below and happy decorating!

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