Minimal Concrete And Twine Magazine Wall Display or Book Holder Diy

Minimal Concrete And Twine Magazine Or Book Holder DIY by PASiNGA


Concrete Pendants - available here

Backer twine or ribbon - monochrome options are available here and in craft or stationery shops

A modern concrete and backer twine magazine wall display diy

Well I know, we are not all cube fans, so here we go - the cylinder alternative. I don't know why but I felt this would be ideal for a kitchen or crafters corner. You know, it could keep the page of the next recipe to try or the one inspirational page.

DIY Concrete and Twine Magazine Or Book Holder by PASiNGA

For more inspiration

- all geometric concrete pendants -


Oh look what I've got for you! 

If you are a bit like me you like things being organised but love magazines and books too. I mean they are everywhere and I often feel inspired by books or magazines. So I decided to mix things up and found that this concrete & twine book / magazine wall display changed the feel of the room instantly. 

Magazine or book wall display concrete and twine diy by PASiNGA


This DIY is so easy that I am going to keep the 'how to' very short. Take your favourite twine or ribbon, maybe even think of the colours of the room, the magazines or books and cut the ribbon to desired length.

As you can see above I used varying lengths and the same length on the left. I felt that for books of the same size a varying length is best while for magazines the same length of ribbon looked perfect. Take the chosen concrete pendants as weight and stop for the book / magazine and thread it up. Make a knot with the twine ends, tadahh!  

A modern concrete and backer twine book wall display diy

DIY Concrete And Twine Magazine Or Book Wall Display by PASiNGA

Just a quick note in regards to the wall hook/s to use. Well, I used concrete wall hooks, which I made myself of course since I wanted something of an artistic statement, but a silver, black or copper nail will provide an even simpler look. Picture pins will also do the trick, especially if you are using the holder to display, your notebooks and journals, Christmas cards or photographs. 

Mmh... what else, nope, I think that's it. The only open question on my mind is, where are you going to hang yours?!. 

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