T H E    P R O C E S S

Getting Things Done

V i S i O N     +     A R T     +     D E S i G N

Inspired by everyday surroundings, modern structures and architecture.

C O N C R E T E     +     M i X E D   M E D i A   A R T

A R T   P R i N T     +     P A P E R   G O O D S


Unique sculptures and bespoke creations are all envisioned and individually handcrafted in-house.

This process is not only initiated by artist inspiration but also starts with a custom request or commission.

Small Batches


Creations available in my online shop and during trade shows are crafted in small batches in-house on a regular basis.

Small batches and the materials used offer the advantages of creating within a design a somewhat singular piece and the option to personalize. 

Photographic Art Prints


Captured and printed
in-house on archival photo papers with long lasting
quality inks in
standard sizes.

Custom enlargements are crafted with carefully selected  manufacturer.



Digital and / or physical designs are being crafted, captured and finished on-site.

Ready prepared digital files are being send off to specialized manufactures for recycled paper printing while using eco-friendly methods.

Finishing and wrapping, adding the secret personal touch happens in house.


Breaking Boundaries                       +                   Celebrating Uniqueness