The Process & Sustainability

V i S i O N     +     A R T     +     D E S i G N

Inspired by everyday surroundings, modern structures and architecture.

Concrete Designs and Works


Unique sculptures and bespoke creations are all envisioned and individually handcrafted in-house.

This process is not only initiated by artist inspiration but also starts with a custom request or commission.

Small Batches


Creations available in my online shop and during trade shows are crafted in small batches in-house on a regular basis.

Small batches and the materials used offer the advantages of creating within a design a somewhat singular piece and the option to personalize. 

Sustainability of working and wrapping materials

The Materials

Wrapping + Shipping

| The materials used to craft are durable, long lasting, contain recycled elements or are entirely made of recycled and eco-friendly products.


| Wherever possible materials are sourced from local traders and manufacturer.

| Without compromising quality less wasteful ways are found to craft and re-use, durable long lasting tools are being utilized wherever possible during the in-house crafting process.

| Wrapping boxes and tapes are made of recycled materials and can be recycled. Cushion material also called eco Flo is made of organic material and can be added to your compost.  Little FYI fun - you can check what happens when adding a peanut to a glass of water.

| Since gifting is part of the online shopping experience recycled tissue paper, cotton string and bows in different colours are added at leisure. All can be recycled.


| The printing of the boxes and gift tags is done in-house by hand with eco-friendly, often vegetable or water based, ink.

| CO2 neutral shippers are employed wherever possible. These include Royal Mail, DPD and UPS and more


Each creation for PASiNGA is envisioned, designed and hand crafted by Antje. Blending fine art and fine craft while using raw materials, like papers, copper or concrete, and transforming them into modern minimal works which are complexity within simplicity. Ideas come from everywhere and never leave her mind until they are captured in one of her pieces.