Two New Concrete Designs To Display Jewellery Just Entered My Shop

Geometric Concrete Mountain Tile By PASiNGA Design,  utilised as jewellery display
Mountain Concrete Tile

Exciting news my first brand new designs for 2019 entered my shop! And what can I say it is not just one but two heavily geometric designs to grow our much loved modular concrete display and photo prop options - fabulous!  


First an absolute new style for me as a designer is the 'Mountain' concrete tile. I decided to call it that because in many abstract ways it looks a lot like that. The different tops of this geometric abstract offer various ways of displaying rings, bracelets and much more. I finish them very smooth to an almost gloss finish which enhances the depths and ever so little reflects the light. But don't let me go on have a look for your self, images below, left and of course all the details are here!

Mountain Concrete Tile, jewellery display by PASiNGA design
Modern Mountain Concrete Tile, contemporary jewellery display by PASiNGA design
Abstract Geometric Concrete Mountain Tile, jewellery display by PASiNGA art

And the second design is a bit of something new meets something known - the much loved mini concrete diamonds meet the new more facetted larger diamond and create a new group of six sculpture diamond solids

This set is now perfect to display small and larger rings, they also have this new very smooth finish and it creates a wonderful sculpture still. 

Well, I know ideas of displaying with these beauties are just flying but if you'd like even more inspiration have a look at my 'Photo Styling With Concrete' blog section or of course my shop section 'Concrete - Prop Sets'. Enjoy!
Can't wait to see what styling options you come up with #pasinga or comment below!


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