Concrete Photography Props and Jewellery Styling Inspiration 2.0

Unique Modular Geometric Concrete Jewellery Display by PASiNGA
Click for the recent modular concrete jewellery display collection!


Another big batch of unique geometric concrete modular sculpture solids is here!


I am so excited to write this update today. The first batch of these versatile solids was thanks to you a great success and the second batch has been available to you for about 3 weeks. Thank you for waiting so patiently while I crafted the sets and some of you have already called first dips!

Anyhow some sets are still available for next day shipping and I will add more unique combinations and finishes to the collection. So it will always be worth checking 'Prop Set / Jewellery Display' as it will be an evolving page! 



Here we go a sneak peek of my favourite geometric sculpture stills of the current collection in all its monochrome glory!

My first blog post about the sculpture solids as well as prepping and displaying jewellery and other small products for a photoshoot include options of flat lays, stacking and aligning as well as some options with background. 

Have a look for more inspiration - Geometric Concrete Photography Props & Jewellery Styling Inspiration!

Thank you all it is awesome to share these with you!

Happy styling,


Silver earrings by Forest & Fawn 
Back leather earrings by SlinkyLinksJewellery 
Concrete solids, styling and photography by PASiNGA

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