Six Weeks Until Easter! Modern yet rustic table decor inspiration

There is no rush or anything but I just found it so fitting to have a first exciting tease for easter on my blog today. After all it is already the last day of February and Easter is in about 6, well if you don't celebrate or decorate for the week, 7 weeks. I just think it is the right opportunity to start decorating and styling and charge the creative batteries for the Easter festivities ahead with happy bunny mood, haha! 


Well what did I use? As you can see I could not stop myself but got a bit of 'bunny' hay and straw mix. Of course some eggs, my concrete cylinder candle holders, a mix of Multiflora and Rubra Air Plants and some glasses. I was thinking of just a small table for two but of course you can just add more to fill a larger centre or stage the table more generously. Overall I wanted something modern yet somehow rustic, you know close to nature and so on...

Easter Centrepiece Inspiration By PASiNGA design

Easter Centrepiece Inspiration With Straw, Air Plants and Concrete By PASiNGA design
Easter Table setting Inspiration By PASiNGA design
Modern Easter Centrepiece Idea By PASiNGA design

I had a bit of a play with the accessories as well. For example, pictured above, the glasses are turned upside down with straw and an egg inside. You can easily put a cylinder candle holder on top as well which comes in handy if you set a larger table.

Below however, I have them standing the other way around which gives a completely different finish to the table and the concrete cylinder candle holders do not only serve as candle holders but also as egg cups! I think by even taking the Air Plants away it got altogether a way more rustic or honest look. What do you think?

Easter Decor Accent By PASiNGA design
Easter Table With Concrete Decor Accent By PASiNGA design

Easter Centrepiece Inspiration By PASiNGA design

Good thing on this variation is that it allows, and quite frankly does invite, us to display food, like baguettes and salads right within the straw spread area. The centrepiece above is quite compact and is asking to add the food around it. I am guessing it will depend on your style and the guests you are about to welcome which would be best for you. 

Easter Decor Ideas With Concrete Accents By PASiNGA design

I hope this little bit of table setting inspiration is just about right for a day like today?! All I can say it worked for me, this little bit of styling and the creative vibes let me think of something else to do with the left over straw, so I am already looking forward to craft with you again soon! Have a fabulous day, Antje



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