5 Tips On Spring Cleaning With Minimalism In Mind

Based on the meteorological calendar Spring is here and I feel a bit of Spring cleaning with minimalism in mind could just be the thing. I personally can't decide between Spring and Autumn, I love them both, the life in the changes, the colours and light at those times. Anyway, I think it is the change which is giving me energy and inspiration to move and change as well. It is not that I think I own clutter or would ever have a problem with throwing stuff out, nope not me, I always feel refreshed after a good old clean and clear. Maybe, I am still too German, haha. 

Recently however, I feel the urge to slow down and to be a bit more consequent, by which I mean, not just have a bit of a clear out of unused things two times a year but change things so that this would not be needed anymore. So how to start this, how to change things. 

I found loads of guides some 30 or 50 steps long, even a minimalism challenge was among them. Has anyone done one of those? Well, it is all too much for me, one could say not very minimal, pun intended. So I decided, I will choose 5 things I find useful and easy to incorporate into my routines. 

5 Tips On Spring Cleaning With Minimalism In Mind , Concrete Palo Wood Burner by PASiNGA
Palo Santo Incense Wood Burner

5 Spring Cleaning Tips With Slow Living In Mind , Palo Wood Burner by PASiNGA
Palo Santo Incense Stick Burner


Simplify my home by giving everything its space. I will only keep things I need [used within the last 3 months or so] or absolutely love and treasure.


Clear out my wardrobe, not much there really but I tend to hang on to stuff I don't wear as I dread cloth shopping. So my goal is to only have those pieces which I really wear.


Get rid of devices, best in a box or all in one place and switch them off at least one day of the week. I love this one, it was not in many guides but I think it will not only help me to be more minimalist but also to slow down and breathe. 


This is a truly tough one for me but here goes nothing - simplify my calendar! Oi, that is something, every mum, small biz owner .... will know, even worse when having a creative life. Nothing is truly going by calendar but I honestly will try to get the business side, the side I actually should be able to plan, done by a reasonable calendar and who knows maybe I am going to manage even more ;)


Restore and cut back on waste - now I have to admit that this is not a new thing to me but I want to get more serious about it. Not just in my lifestyle but also with my art and craft. I recycle already as we do all and 90% of my packaging is done with recycled materials but I could start a garden bin, grow some herbs and look into low Co2 concrete and recycled concrete .... I am sure with time I will find even more and I am grateful for tips as well!

Well not sure if you feel the same way or not but may I invite you to join me in a bit of spring cleaning with minimalism in mind, maybe these 5 are just as right for you as for me and if not, I am sure you will find your own 5. The wonderful and happy part is the change, the renewal of Spring.

Best, Antje

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