How You Live, Work and Style with Concrete Sculptures

Amazing customers and a designer-maker who is overjoyed by wonderful ideas on how to work, style and live with individually handcrafted concrete sculptures. When I craft my design I always feel joy and once it is being finished with sanding and the last touch brushing of the dust I feel a bit proud. Of course I hope someone will love the piece I just finished as much as I do. So I guess you can imagine how I am bursting for happiness when I find social media shares, reviews with images or ongoing product captures with my pieces in it. Thank you all this is so amazing of you!

Concrete Diamond Air Plant Holder styled and photographed by twinset_interiors
Styling with concrete, customer images by ximena.ferre
Styling with concrete, customer image by nadiajoycephoto
Concrete photo prop used for styling and photography by WonkyWarriors
Jewellery product photography with concrete blocks by ametalstory
Concrete Props to elevate, image and styling by RedDollyDesigns
Concrete Diamond styled and photography by katewainwright_jewellery


All images are linked to the social profiles of the owners of these pieces, their works as well as these images. A huge thank you to all of you!

Concrete Tray, styling and photography by MillyMaundersDesigns

Of course this is a breathtaking collection but there is even more inspiration in my styling with concrete section and the latest collection of unique product photo props can you find over here.  In any case enjoy and feel invited to browse as well as to leave a comment or to follow.
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