Happy Holidays With Stunning Table Settings To Entertain This Season

Happy Holidays With Stunning Table Settings By PASiNGA To Entertain This Season

Next week is Christmas, what a rush!

What a rush indeed, it was amazing crafting and creating for you this Christmas and the whole year for that matter. I am so grateful for your love and support as well as for your thoughtfulness to customisation and personalisation! It's been exciting and rewarding to say the least! 

Happy Holidays With Stunning Table Settings By PASiNGA

I think 2018 was, to me, a year of decisions, I managed loads of what I set out to do but not everything. New ideas grew and even though I made changes to my creative and work process, managed to take on more heartfelt private commissions throughout the year, grew my blog to the next level and started the much requested DIY section as well as working on new designs I want to renew even more going forward. 

Festive Table Settings For Christmas With Evergreens And Concrete Accents By PASiNGA
Floating Pine Cones As Christmas Table Decor By PASiNGA
Make those floating pine cones your self - click to visit the DIY!

However, I am still choosing to be an independent artist and designer-maker over anything and so it will be still just me who is trying to do it all, from beginning to end and for all what my  artful baby [biz] as well as my clients and customers need.

Well, let me just say I have a huge list of goals for 2019 already, many of which are inspired by you and your requests, inspiration and feedback for which I am ever so grateful to you! 

However, I think the most exciting goal will be, next to new projects, collaborations and designs of course, to grow my blog to an exciting decorating, sharing, DIY'ing happy community. I am hoping to find the right tools to add to my website and to dare more on social media, which I still find hard to do and it always ends up being last on my to do list. I promise to do better! 

Modern Table Settings For Christmas With Evergreens And Concrete Accents By PASiNGA

I wish you all and your families a wonderful time, joyful gifting and relaxing, wonderful food and amazing warm hugs. May these table settings pictured be a bit of last minute inspiration for all who still struggle to get into the festive mood. More inspiration is of course in my gifting section
I look forward to welcome you in 2019, cheers to the people who love us, the losers who lost us and the lucky bastards who get to meet us!*



* I heard this recently and found it very true, if anyone knows who is quoted please let me know, thanks!

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