My August Challenge - A Monochrome Sculptural Daily Post

Geometric Concrete Balloons, sculpture and photography artwork by PASiNGA
Geometric Concrete Balloons - 01.08.18

Can you believe it - it's August already?!

At least to me this year is going fast. I am working on a lot of new designs as well as unique sculptures. I also took a couple of commissions this summer and as odd as things sound I am working on an awful lot of Christmas - designs, photos, an exciting blog post collaboration and more. But I noticed that my little universe of creating and crafting took over and I am not good with sharing all my work with you. Even worse, I have to admit that I have fallen a bit out of love with Twitter, Facebook and so on but I am so grateful to all of you and your support! So here we go - I am going to challenge myself to a daily post of monochrome sculptural beauty!


I am not sure where this journey is going to take us but I hope it will help me to keep my own sanity in regards to the Christmas planning and hopefully help to rediscover my love for sharing and most important allow me to give something joyful or, dare I say it, inspirational back to you! Wish me luck! 



psst ... as soon as I post a new image I will update this post. 

Relax, monochrome August PASiNGA still-life photo challenge
Relax - 14.08.18
Geometric Concrete Balancing Act, monochrome August PASiNGA photo challenge
Concrete Balancing Act, Monday 13.08.18

Dark Geometric Concrete Still, PASiNGA monochrome photo challenge
Dark Geometric Still - 12.08.18
Styling & Photographing , monochrome August PASiNGA photo challenge
Styling & Photographing - 11.08.18
Monochrome architecture art print 'Looking Up In New York' by PASiNGA
'Looking Up In New York' - 10.08.18

Personalised concrete diamonds for the August Still-life challenge by PASiNGA
Party Decor & Favour - 09.08.18
'Mickey' August Monochrome Still-life Challenge by PASiNGA
'Mickey' - 08.08.18
Hugs & Kisses - Tuesday 07.08.18, August Monochrome Still-life Challenge by PASiNGA
Hugs & Kisses - Tuesday 07.08.18

Concrete step sculpture still-life for the August PASiNGA challenge
Concrete Steps- Monday Still - 06.08.18
Sunday concrete diamond sculpture still-life for the August PASiNGA challenge
Sunday - 05.08.18
Saturday concrete still-life for the August PASiNGA challenge
Saturday - 04.08.18

Concrete gems stacked for the August monochrome still-life challenge by the PASiNGA blog
Concrete Gems - 03.08.18
Black Splatter Recycled Paper Pocket Notebooks by PASiNGA
Creative Universe - 02.08.18

And so it begins! 

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