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First up, I decided to keep the geometric concrete Air Plant Rocks [images above and right] on the introduction price for now - you just started to get to know these cuties and I just enjoy personalising the boxes and crafting them.

So instead of £ 22.50 they will be available for £19.50 and it is perfect if you wish to ship it directly to the recipient.

Choose and customise yours here!




Geometric Concrete Bowl Planter By PASiNGA



Third & Forth up are two candle or Air Plant holder designs! It is really up to you how you prefer to use them but your feedback has shown that these two designs are your favourites! I would never doubt you and can only join it with styling ideas over on my blog. 

Spring is here and April is my birth month, it also is by coincidence the month I started PASiNGA all the way back in, wow 2011. Oh how I remember my first market stall.... Wont go into details as this is not what todays blog post is about. I and my work and therefore PASiNGA has changed and evolved over the years quite a bit and it would not have been possible without all of you, your marvellous kind reviews, feedback and support as well as inspiration!

So here it comes, to celebrate, acknowledge and to say thank you some offers for you to indulge and save! But not to worry you will still be able to request custom finishes, as all is made to order, all the personal touches like gift notes and the complimentary gift wrap!  

Personalised Gift Box With Geometric Concrete Air Plant Rock by PASiNGA


Second up is an old time favourite of mine as this designs asks to hand carve loads of it, the whole rim of the bowl and even the details are all hand sanded all the while the material offers its own edginess. It is the geometric concrete bowl [image right and the feedback image by you below] - I used this one in some of my DIY's [ Easter bowl or Home Fragrance ] as well, if you want to have a look of it in use. But it is just a wonderful size to be used as planter, table decor or just to keep the little things.... 

I usually ask £ 23.50 but for now and for you it will be £ 20 - grab it here!


Geometric Concrete Bowl PASiNGA Hand Cast Planter With Five Star Customer Review

The bold cylinder tea light candle holder - you can see below, you inspired the use of it as a ring holder with a bit of moss and I stacked them and this year, I decided to use them as egg cups this Easter. Psst, I've got a little hint for you - I am working on a monochrome marble version which can already be ordered exclusively here and for the saver price too! Photos follow soon!!!

So for now instead of £11.50 it is now £10 and all the details are over here!


Last but not least the first geometric concrete tea light candle holder [images on the left] I ever finished with the new [at the time] reinforced concrete. This one has the additional wide real copper attachment to add a bit of warm and inviting bling. 
This one is not just on offer on its own but also in combination with an Air Plant.

 Now from £7.90 instead of £9.90!


With love from me to you and a joyful day, Antje



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