Golden Happiness- Special Designer Makers Gift Guide Part Four

Golden happiness is part 4 of the PASiNGA designer maker Christmas gift guide series

Golden happiness for all of us, we deserve it, don't you think?!

Yes, we got in the Christmas mood and resist to let it become the Christmas blues. We made the lists and checked it twice, sorted the cookie side of things cheekily or not and looked after ourselves as we should so we look stunning when Santa is finally coming. And that is just what we did now not to mention what we did the rest of the year! 

Time to feel good and indulge ourself and wonderful friends and family with some handmade golden goodness. Quite practical is the shiny card pocket keyring made by Dee, who would ever misplace this cutie even when times are stressful. 



^ Eye pillow by Blästa Henriët  Jewellery by EniJewellery; Grounding / Feel Good roll on by BeauitySkinCare; Coin bag keychain by Suede&Co; Gold Tea Towel by LaraGorlach; Decorated cookies by Silvia's Gingerbread House; Scented candle by [M]Botanicals; personalised wooden bauble by ByPryorArrangements; Concrete Sculptures, styling & photography by PASiNGA

Leather Keychain by Suede and Co featured in the artisan Christmas gift guide

Dee started Suede&Co back in 2015 after working for a vintage brand. She saw first hand all of the beautiful suede and leather off cuts they would throw away after altering vintage styles. She saved those soft suedes from the bin, knowing that she is going to put her skills, she had learned from the young age of 10, to beautiful use and started making small pouches and accessories.  After a year or so her suede stash was running out, so she made the decision to start the brand from scratch and introduced a whole new range of the bright and colourful 100% genuine leather and suede sourced in the UK that Suede&Co has come to be known for. She makes everything herself from her small studio in East London, and loves working with different colours and metallics to create affordable luxury products. 

Gifts for him & her, for every age the cutest accessories can be found, a fashionista present or personalised [the 'US' she printed just for us] gift idea, Coin Bag Keychain from £7; Various Clutch Designs from £32 and for more Suede&Co on Etsy 


Christmas or not the eye pillow crafted by Lo or the aroma inhaler 'Feel Good' by Sophie will be just about right to stop at least me from running around in circles. Know someone who is famous for doing the same?! Well here we go. Even though, I am more the eye pillow kind of girl my super hero Elf who helped me with the shoot [huge thanks for modelling, lifting and your power hugs] called dibs on the inhalers!


Eye pillow by Blästa Henriët featured in the handmade Christmas gift guide

Lo of Blästa Henriët was inspired by the natural remedies of her childhood when she came up with the idea for the hot and cold packs. She comes from a background in textile design and wanted to create something beautiful that was also useful and made to last. The Blästa Henriët wheat bag and eye pillow cater to so many different needs, and really are all round useful objects. They can be heated, cooled down or used at room temperature. The hot or cold packs are for wellness, pain management, post workout or just to relax. A perfect present for anyone suffering from migraines, cramps, swelling or tense muscles.


A wonderful gift idea to indulge, ease pain or stress, there is no age limit to this gift the design could fit for him and her

Eye pillow £15, other Wheat Bag designs £25 and for more blastahenriet


Christmas gift idea Be Calm inhalers by Beauty Skincare

Sophie from BuitySkincare got into natural skincare and aromatherapy because of her love and concern for her son who had a mild to moderate eczema since he was born, and herself experiencing dry and itchy skin. She really wanted to find something natural for him, which would help to sooth and heal his skin. Her partner who at the time was introduced to essential oils had built up quite a nice stockpile of essential oils so she thought she could use these oils for her son’s skin issue. She started researching, learning about the oils. The most amazing thing was to find out about their healing properties. After learning how to formulate and how to create balms, body butters, inhalers and rollers for her son and herself she slowly started to share these products with friends and family. Eventually, she was selling her items online, she has  grown in confidence with her products which are infused with love, care and attention.

This could be the gift for the new year, anyone who needs a little lift from time to time, him or her  to help heal or naturally ease anxiety/ stress, 'Be Calm' and other Inhalers from £5.25, Aroma-therapie Roll On £7.50 and for more BuitySkincare on Etsy


Well, what could be missing after all this goodness, maybe that little not so useful still absolutely necessary extra ... the joyful bliss, maybe!?! ... 


Handmade jewellery by Eni Jewellery make a fabulous Christmas gift

Eleni is the founder of Eni Jewellery and is both the designer and maker of all her creations. In order to create and use the right method to actually craft her envisioned piece she needs to research and learn  continuously.  Her inspiration is often a single shape, an impression, a moment in life refashioned in contemporary, often geometric designs, often spin off in unforeseen and unanticipated directions and often creations. The process of giving life to an idea, milling it with fire and hammer, leaves her always pleasantly surprised. Eleni started her Jewellery training in Greece over 10 years ago and improved her skills during a placement at Central Saint Martin, London. Since 2016 she has incorporated an eco-friendly philosophy, using recycled materials and is proud to have signed up to be one of the jewellers certified to work with Fairtrade gold and silver. Her creations can now be found at fairs, markets and exhibitions across Greece, Germany and the UK. 


Gift for her, the jewellery lover, the statement maker, the design lover, Geometric Drop Ring from £23, Triangle Bracelets from £42, Geometric Necklace £51 and for more EniJewellery 

I feel fantastic right now, not to say golden, haha - I think all these items are made with great care and love. I can only imagine the smiles when your friends or family members receive their carefully chosen gifts which have been made like that.

If you have counted we are almost there - many amazing artisans have been featured, meet them all here, click - but it's not Christmas yet and I hope we have time for two more inspirational stories to come. 

I look forward to welcome you back soon, it's lovely having you,


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