Rainbow Ring Organiser

A modern rainbow inspired ring organiser trinket tray to display rings upright. It easily styles groups of rings to wear together as well as offering a place for just those favourite gems. It photographs nicely as it offers a large surface which can be a backdrop as wall as a stand. 



approx. Height 8.9cm, Width 84.cm, Depth 2.5cm; Gap widths vary from 0.2cm to 1.1cm; Weight 266g



light grey, grey, dark grey, soft yellow, soft pink concrete


>> Made from concrete and will feature unique imperfections to the surface. 

Clear rubber feet or base side. Clean with dry / damp cloth or vacuum with a soft brush.


Each sculpture features unique imperfections, like voids from air bubbles or minimal cracks, and finishes in its own shade of grey due to the nature of the material. The sculpture is individually hand cast. The concrete is not painted or waxed and signed on base.

rainbow ring tray


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