Concrete Block Mix of 6, No77

A set of 6 different geometric concrete shapes featuring a rectangular prism, two cube and three different cylinders. The overall monochrome look consists of pale and dark grey concrete which is finished very smooth with each solid featuring one textured side.  Set them up in playful ways, display with them at market fairs, window displays, exhibitions or make contemporary simplicity the perfect backdrop for your next photoshoot. The surface of this raw material is always a winner and provides great contrast to leather or metal jewellery, cosmetic or pins.


Modular Geometric Concrete  Set of 6, No77

Approx. size: (one of each of the following)

pale grey rectangular prism H4.6cm x W7.6cm x D3.6cm;  

pale grey cube H4.9cm x W4.9cm x D4.9cm;  

dark grey cube H3.3cm x W3.3cm x D3.3cm;

dark cylinder height 1.8cm, diameter 9.7cm;  

dark grey cylinder height 4.8cm, diameter 4.9cm; 

pale grey cylinder height 1.9cm, diameter 3.8cm


Finish/Color: mid to pale grey and charcoal to dark grey solids; each solid features in itself different shades of grey and textures [please refer to the last 3 images]


Design: geometric minimal; individually hand cast

Features: unique textures [voids + cracks] and color character

Finish: finished smooth; concrete not painted or waxed, not signed to allow displaying on all sides, information card will be provided

Set of 6, Mixed, No77


  • 1.5 kg
  • Available
  • Ships in 4 to 7 business days1

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