Square Desk Tray Set Of Two

This contemporary set of two concrete square workspace or desk tidy trays are going to help kept things minimal and organised. Displayed on top of or next to each other they simply provide a special place to make work more enjoyable.


Set features one pen tray and one penny tray.

>> Dimensions

Pen tray - approx. Height 2.8cm, Square 8.9cm; Recess x1 - diameter 4cm, depth 1.7cm, Recess x1 - diameter 1.3cm, depth 1.7cm, Recess x2 - diameter 1.1cm, depth 1.7cm, Recess x2 - diameter 0.9cm, depth 1.7cm; Weight 342g

Penny Tray - approx. Height: 2.8 cm, Square: 8.9cm; Recess diameter 5.7cm, max depth 3cm; Weight 345g.


>> Variations

mid to pale grey or charcoal to dark concrete. Finished very smooth to almost gloss.


>> Made from

concrete, clear rubber feet to base.


Each desk set features unique imperfections, like voids from air bubbles or minimal cracks, and finishes in its own shade of grey due to the nature of the material.

Square Desk Tidy Set Of Two


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