Modern Geometric Concrete Dinner Candlesticks

A stunning geometric dinner or taper candle holder collection finished in pale or dark grey concrete. These laid back yet playful original designs are developed in house and are being individually hand cast which always leads to a some what unique finish within the shade of grey and its imperfections. Each feels overall fairly smooth and will require a handling like bone china or porcelain. The recess allows for most dinner candles to be simply inserted but this will vary by brand. However, pictured are simple white Ikea candles as well as dark grey designer candles which both sit equally well. Nevertheless, a bit of wax can help to secure the stand.

Feel invited to create your own collection, add a single one to your growing collection or start a new one with the set offers available below. Indulge yourself or make it the perfect gift for someones birthday, anniversary or wedding but it could also be a wonderful housewarming present. 


Geometric Concrete Dinner Candle Holder, Single or Collection

Approx. size of each design: 

Circus H3.5xW6.5xD6cm; recess diameter  2.2cm  [images 6 to 7]; 

Art Deco H4xW6.3xD6.3cm; recess diameter 2.2cm [images 8 to 9];

Crown H4xW6.3xD6.3cm; recess diameter 2.2cm [images 10 to 11];

Rubi H3.5xW7.3xD7.3cm; recess diameter 2.2cm  [images 12 to13]


Finish / Colour: mid to pale grey or charcoal to dark grey

Design: tactile, geometric minimal; individually hand casting in house developed unique moulds

Features: unique textures [voids + cracks, imperfections] and color character, overall finished very smooth

Finish: concrete not painted or waxed, signed on base  

dinner candle holder


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