Dodecahedron Concrete Tillandsia Planter

The dodecahedron concrete Air Plant holder comes in four different finishes. The most elegant and laid back is the pale grey finish. The dark finish creates more of a statement piece and the sandy gay with copper or the dark aged with silver variation is a talking point.

The dark aged concrete features a fading white patina which makes it appear aged and allows this vessel to have a soft as well as hard contrast between the dark and the silver shine.  However they are all finished fairly smooth to offer a tactile feel which will invite you move it around from dinner to coffee table to shelf or sideboard accent. The soil free Air Plants wont mind and it will even allow to display the plant to the side not just on top. They are wonderful gifts for him and her!


One Dodecahedron Planter
Approx. size: Dodecahedron: H7 x W9 x D9cm; almost circular recess diameter 3cm and about 3.5cm deep.

Made from: Concrete.

Colour: pale grey concrete [image 1 tall plant juncea and rub the small wide one]; charcoal to dark grey concrete [image 2]; sandy grey with three copper foil stripes [image 3 with juncea air plant and 4 with medusae air plant]; aged dark grey with three silver foil stripes [image 5 and medusae air plant and image 7 multiflora air palnt]

Please choose below, thank you!

Air Plant: plants are soil free but will need water from time to time, info card will be provided. Plants are selected by suitability and stock levels. Please don't hesitate to note your favourite during check out. Due to shipping regulations - sets with Air Plants can only be shipped within the UK.


Design: geometric minimal; hand cast in individually envisioned and crafted moulds.

Features: unique textures (voids and cracks) and colour character due to the material.

Finish: concrete not painted or waxed and individually stamped with my name (PASiNGA).



Dodecahedron Concrete Air Plant Holder


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