Minimal U Concrete Dinner Candle Stick

A beautiful hand cast concrete U - shaped candle holder to accommodate two dinner or taper candles.

Each piece is individually crafted and featues unique properties due to the nature of the material. This character offers a very industrial yet warm boho minimal vibe. It is fairly tactile and feels smooth. Some dinner or taper candles will appreciate additional fixing with a drop of wax but many fit and will stand without.

It's a great decor addition which can be dressed all year around but it could also be a wonderful gift!



Recess diameter: 2.4cm [ holds dinner and most taper candles, some may need additional fixing]

Max. Height: 5.7cm, Max width: 9cm, Max depth: 3.8cm; Weight: 210g


Finish: mid to pale grey or charcoal to dark grey concrete. Clear rubber feet to base.


Each candle holder features unique imperfections, like voids from air bubbles or minimal cracks, and finishes in its own shade of grey due to the nature of the material. Clean with dry cloth only.

U-candle stick


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