4 Ways to Create a Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalism has become one of the most popular home design trends in recent years. And it is not hard to see why. In a life that is increasingly cluttered, creating a living space that is clean and relaxing is becoming more appealing to more and more people. Being a minimalist doesn’t have to cost much, it is simply a mindset as we showed in my post on ‘5 Tips on Spring Cleaning With Minimalism in Mind’. That being said there are changes that you can make to a room from simple adjustments to more expensive renovations that will create the perfect minimalist space. In this post we will focus on revamping the room that is used the most and also gets cluttered the easiest. The bathroom. 

4 Ways to Create a Minimalist Bathroom

Yes, I can not wait to share this sponsored post written by Oscar King with you! When I was asked to check out and share the following links and websites as well as design ideas, I was so excited because I knew that you would love it!  And it could not have come to a better time as I call for spring to come soon and our bathroom needs new paint.

Ways to Create a Minimalist Bathroom, ideas by Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Declutter the Room

The essence of the minimalist design movement is to create a clean and spacious living space, and this is something that many homeowners struggle to do with the bathroom. The more people that use the bathroom, the more likely it is to get filled with lots of objects. This is why Luxury Lifestyle Magazine recommends that you be strict on what you store in the bathroom. Go through your products to decide which ones you actually need and use. This is a simple and free way to make an instant change in the bathroom.

Clean Storage

Now that you have cleaned out your bathroom you need to be able to keep it that way. A bathroom’s floor can easily get filled with cabinets and storage units that can make the room feel very small. In order to keep the room clean without adding extra storage units to the floor space, consider attaching storage to any of the free walls in the room. For example, a storage space above the bath would be an effective place to store towels. This will allow you store bathroom essentials and towels while also keeping the clean aesthetic of a minimalist bathroom. Always take advantage of the vertical space of a room.

Consider the Colour Palette

Colour can have a huge effect on a room, making it seem smaller or larger than it actually is. The Contemporist put neutral colours, such as grey or white, as their number one point for creating a minimalist bathroom. The reason for this is that even though you may have very little natural light coming in it still keeps “the bathroom feeling open and bright.” However don’t be afraid to add a little contrast, as a single wall coloured with a dark shade can elevate the room and give it a contemporary feel.

Creating a minimalist bathroom with a neutral colour palette, image via the The Contemporist

Upgrade Your Shower

If you want to make a big change to your bathroom to truly elevate it to a minimalist design, consider upgrading your shower. A shower with a large head and ample room is considered the quintessential minimalist centrepiece. However a new trend in minimalism is emerging with Of Design calling it “functional furniture with a simple design”. This has led to the rise of showers that come with modern technological features. For example, the Belgravia Digital Lever Shower comes with an in-built thermostat that allows for the exact temperature, as well as the ability to let the user choose an eco-friendly setting. If you are considering making a major change like installing a modern minimalist style shower it is best to make sure you are prepared for every outcome. To counter this, leading home assistance provider HomeServe explains how a burst pipe or blocked drain can slow you down, something that is especially true if you’re revamping your bathroom and you're not covered for it. The last thing you want is to find out that the plumbing can’t handle your upgraded shower and that it will have to be further adjusted. And if you are not insured for this outcome this can easily lead to further costs as you correct any issues. Minimalism is all about alleviating the stress of life, which is why it pays to be prepared when making any big changes to your bathroom. 

I will get going with decluttering and I hope you feel inspired for your spring clean or DIY! For more always feel invited to browse the blog and of course leave a comment if you like!
Best, Antje

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