Concrete Necklace Stand

A modern minimal concrete necklace stand design which is easily incorporated into any PASiNGA display block set or displays in eye-catching ways on its own. 

The stands are individually hand cast and while the overall design stays the same the height varies to accommodate the different sizes of necklace designs and individual imperfections will make each stand somehow unique. However, they are not very large but wonderful to photography pendants and chain details as well as they are easily transported to fairs and market. They help to elevate within other displays and are perfectly suitable for stacking or aligning landscapes to display jewellery on. 

Even more you will find 3 sizes and 3 different finishes to offer great contrast to any type of jewellery.  


Concrete Necklace Stand 

[ 2 finishes, 3 sizes and set options available]

Approx. sizes: 

small - stand height 8cm x D base 3 / D top 0.5cm x W 5.8cm, recess 0.2x0.5cm

medium - stand height 10cm x D base 3cm / D top 0.8 x W 5.8cm, recess 0.2 x0.8cm

large - stand height 11.8cm x  D base 3 / D top 0.9 x W 5.8cm, recess 0.2x 0.9cm


Finish/Colour: mid to pale grey or charcoal to dark grey 

[images for the dark grey finish will be here soon but you can find it already when you browse through my shop, thank you ]


Design: geometric minimal; individually hand cast; wire individually finished and inserted by hand but almost centred

Features: unique textures [voids + cracks] and color character

Finish: finished smooth; concrete not painted or waxed, not signed to allow display on all sides, info card will be provided

Concrete Loop


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