Jewellery Photoshoot Styling Tips And Display Ideas

Unique Modular Jewellery Display Set No83 By PASiNGA
Modular Concrete Block Set, No83

Time is passing by way too fast at least on my end. I am working away and happily so, the new batch of mostly unique geometric display sets is up. I am working on a couple of bespoke pieces and, believe it or not, on new designs for the candle season and Christmas. Haha, indeed not even Easter yet?! 

Anyhow, I sometimes feel the need to charge up my creative energies and so I thought it is maybe time for another inspirational post for displaying options and ideas. However, this time I won't provide all the ideas but rather showcase some of yours. I selected a couple of kind shares and carefully curated, styled and captured images by you. All images are of course  linked to their source.

Let's have a look into the rather plain product images which are often described as rather boring but even those can easily be elevated to a social media share. How? Let's see, above is a white background and below is a grey one. The background could be anything, maybe your brand colour/s, your favourite texture or even a mix of things like fabric and tabletop. I of course photograph the modular concrete display set, as this is what I sell, and the jewellery within is to show details, proportions and to offer styling variations for editorial shoots to inspire. However, if you are looking to showcase one piece you might still set up like this but zoom in on the piece you wish to capture and catch it a bit closer. This way the surrounding concrete sculpture or display becomes the background. In regards to set up and light you might like to have look into these tips here as well. 

Concrete Diamond Jewellery Display Set By PASiNGA
Concrete Diamond Jewellery Display Set No80
Concrete Cylinder Wire PASiNGA Stud Earring Stand
Concrete Cylinder Wire Stand - usually to display stud earrings -

Well, while you are at it try to use the display set, stand or object differently than in the intended way. Have a look above, it is surprising how intriguing in a completely different way the diamond becomes once you place it to sit on another one [click the image to compare it further if you like] or take the stud earring stand. Of course we all know the earring belong where the necklace is but, I and maybe it is just me, I find this set up very pleasing too. Anyhow, this shall be enough on tips from me for today, images speak louder than 1000 words or so they say. Plenty more in my others posts and below are fabulous works and styling inspiration by you ....

PASiNGA Concrete Blocks As Jewellery Display
Customer Review Share by Scooby Doo
Concrete Cylinder By PASiNGA Used To Display Maisy Plum Jewellery
Jewellery By Maisy Plum
PASiNGA Concrete Diamond Displaying A Ring By Yama Fine Jewellery
Jewellery by Yama Fine Jewellery

Silver Jewellery By Izzie Displayed On PASiNGA Concrete Solids
Jewellery By Jewellery By Izzie
Jewellery By Rhi Jewellery Displayed On PASiNGA Concrete Diamonds
Jewellery By Rhi Jewellery

Concrete Jewellery Display By PASiNGA In Use by millymaunderdesigns
Jewellery By Milly Maunder Designs
Concrete Diamonds By PASiNGA styled by Jewellery Consultant Emmagreethamjewellery
Jewellery Consultant Emma Greetham Jewellery
Concrete Display Used And Styled By Lydia Northcott Jewellery
Jewellery By Lydia Northcott Jewellery

Thanks so much for stopping by - I hope you liked these little drops of inspiration and thank you for choosing my work to elevate your stunning creations. Have a marvellous day, Antje



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