Shape Collection 04, triangle stairs circle

A stunning concrete ornament collection offering a playful but minimal vibe. The shapes create a lovely still life but could also be added on their own to a collection or other sculptures or art works. Indeed, they are a fantastic gift but could also be used as photo props and more. But of course you could also treat yourself!


Available as single shapes or as saver set collection of three [one of each shape]


>>Approx. sizes by shape:

Circle: Depth 2.4cm, Diameter 8.8cm, Base 3.5cm by 2.4cm; Weight 314

Stairs: Depth 2.4cm, Max height / width 8.9cm, Weight 250g

Triangle:  Depth 2.4cm, Max height 8.5cm min height 7.8cm, Weight 190g


>>Finish: charcoal to dark grey,  mid to pale grey; overall fairly smooth, back side appears different  [ please refer to the last two images for an illustration]; each solid features in itself different shades of grey and textures


Design: geometric minimal; individually hand cast

Features: unique textures [voids + cracks] and color character

Finish: finished smooth; concrete not painted or waxed, not signed to allow displaying on all sides, information card will be provided

collection 04, stairs triangle circle


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