Custom Display Set - Pump Room

Custom Display Set as quoted - P01B&N 


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custom P01B&N


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Custom Set | Astley Clarke

Custom Set - PAC01


Details as quoted

Custom Set For Sarah


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Gytis Gecevicius, custom set

Unique Display Set


x2 - Necklace Stand - Dark large - Icon + text 'BUILT TO LAST'

x1 - Necklace Stand - Pale medium - Icon only

x1 - Necklace Stand - Pale small - Icon only

x2 - Medusa Tile - Dark geometric necklace display - NO LOGO

x2 - CONCRETE PRISM SET, NO76 set of 6 - mixed set, printed as requested

x2 - Pale cylinder height 4.8cm, diameter 4.9cm;  NO LOGO


Shipping to two destinations.

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Armac Manufacturing (Brassfounders) Ltd

Unique Display Set


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0011AM additional pieces


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Modular Display Set For Cuyana

x8 > Modular Display Set of 8, No64


Approx. size: (one of each of the following)

rectangular prism H6.4cm x W9.0cm x D9.0cm; 

rectangular prism H3.5cm x W7.6cm x D4.6cm; 

cube H4.9cm x W4.9cm x D4.9cm;  

cube H3.3cm x W3.3cm x D3.3cm; 

cylinder height 1.7cm, diameter 9.7cm;  

cylinder height 3.3cm, diameter 5.4cm;  

cylinder height 4.8cm, diameter 4.9cm; 

cylinder height 1.8cm, diameter 3.8cm


Finish/Color: shades of mid grey, each solid features in itself different shades of grey and textures 


Design: geometric minimal; individually hand cast

Features: unique textures [voids + cracks] and color character

Finish: finished smooth; concrete not painted or waxed, not signed to allow displaying on all sides, information card will be provided


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x8 No64 mid grey


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Set for Jasmine

x8 > Cuboctahedron Air Plant Holder

Approx. size:  H6.5 x W6.5 x D6.5cm; almost circular recess diameter 3cm.

Color: pale grey concrete.


x8 > Dodecahedron Air Plant Holder

Approx. size: Dodecahedron: H7 x W9 x D9cm; almost circular recess diameter 3cm and about 3.5cm deep.

Made from: Concrete.

Colour: pale grey concrete


x4 Set of 3 > Chimney Air Plant Holder

Approx. size:  Ø 4.5cm, Height 6cm

Colour: overall natural pale grey but the base is dark grey with a little marble twist up into the pale grey


x2 Set of 3 > Twisted Hexagon Concrete Air Plant Holder 

Approx. size each:  base H3.2xW7.2xD6cm; recess H3.5xW4xD4cm

Finish: pale to mid grey


Design: geometric minimal; hand cast in individually envisioned and crafted moulds.

Features: unique textures (voids and cracks) and colour character due to the material.

Finish: concrete not painted or waxed and individually stamped with my name (PASiNGA).


Set - A mix of Air Plants to have one plant for each vessel.


Shipping: Monday 3rd of February, same day courier.

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Dodec, Cuboc, Chimney, Twisted, Air Plants for Jasmin


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Custom Listing For Sharifa

Custom listing with reference to quotation details and notes > 01Sharifa

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details 01Sharifa


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For Valia & Alex

Wedding Gifts
>> House Sculpture

Approx. size : 3x3cm and 5cm tall
Quantity: 150

Finish: mixed  - 50 of each mid, pale and charcoal/ dark grey

Design: geometric minimal; individually hand cast in individually handcrafted moulds

Features: unique textures [voids + cracks] and colour character to each house sculpture

Finish: finished smooth; concrete not painted or waxed

Shipping or collection will be arranged in time.
Please allow a lead time of about 6 to 8 weeks and images of the sculptures will be forwarded to you for your approval. 


Thank you, it is a true joy and honour to craft these for you!

150 Houses Sculptures, mixed finish, wedding gifts


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Bespoke Concrete Sculpture Set for Jimmy K.


Bespoke Large Concrete Diamond Sculpture Set 


|| Approx. size: max 25cm/10inch by 30cm/11.8inch

|| Color: 2 pale natural grey, 1 dark grey concrete

|| estimated weight per sculpture solid: 5 to 8kg 


|| Design: geometric minimal; hand cast in individually envisioned and crafted moulds

|| Features: unique textures [voids + cracks] and color character; due to the size a unique surface crazing is to be anticipated 

|| Finish: concrete not painted or waxed, signed on side of each diamond and an information card will be provided

|| Images are only for illustration - images of your bespoke set will be provided before dispatch.

|| Estimated lead time of 3 weeks.

|| Shipping will contain multiple parcels.

|| Flat rate international shipping charge is applied. The price shown below is the complete price.  



Further details as discussed. 


Thank you!




Bespoke Diamond, Set of 3, 2 pale & 1 dark grey


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Emma | BrandFuel

Quantities, Finish and Designs as specified in the following quotes/invoice

Each solid features a unique texture (voids and cracks) and colour character due to the nature of the material. 
Fixed Delivery Date: 18th of May 2016

Thank You!

Payment to Invoice 09052016 No 001BrandFuel


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