Tall Ring Cone Display Stands

Minimal tall ring cone stands in a mix of three sizes made from concrete. Choose your combination or single size of cone - in any case these cones can be great assets for retail displays and photo shoots as well as in home organisation. 


Approx. sizes:

mini cone - approx. 2.8cm tall, base diameter 2.5cm, 10g

small cone - approx. 4cm tall, base diameter 2.3cm, 16g

medium cone - approx. 5cm tall, base diameter 2.8cm, 26g

large cone - approx. 7.8cm tall, base diameter 2.8cm, 45g


Finish: light or dark grey concrete; please refer to the third last image for colour reference 


Design: please refer to the last two images for display inspiration with other PASiNGA designs which can be found in the ring shop section and bracelet display section.


Made from: concrete; not waxed; not signed to allow display from all sides; each piece will feature its own texture, imperfections and grey shade due to the material; information card provided


Note Mini Cone Saver Set of 6 or 12 are over here >>> 

Tall Cones


  • 1 kg
  • Available
  • Ships in 3 to 5 business days1

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