Large Jewellery Display Set of 40 Unique Stands, H09

Soft natural sandstone inspired textures, cool greys and geometric lines meet to create a large as well as unique jewellery display collection of 40 stands. Stackable prisms from small to large can provide height when stacked as well as within a flat lay. Earring stands can display 2 pairs of earrings and offer holes for stud earrings. Rings can be displayed on cones as well as uprights. Bracelets, chains and pendants will find various display options from necklace stand to tray.


Approx. sizes of the 40 display stands included in the unique set HS09:

Earring Stands:

X1 H3.3cm, diameter 5.4cm; t bar H7cm and 6cm across, overall height 10cm;
X1 H3.3cm, diameter 5.4cm, t bar H9cm and 6 cm across, overall height;

X1 H3.3cm, diameter 5.4cm, t bar H10.5cm and 6cm across, overall height 13.7cm;

each has two 1mm holes as well as two 2mm recesses / gap


X1 clear card: 6x3cm and thickness of 2.8mm; two holes;


Necklace Stands:

X1 stand height 8cm x D base 3 / D top 0.5cm x W 5.8cm, recess 0.2x0.5cm;

X1 stand height 10cm x D base 3cm / D top 0.8 x W 5.8cm, recess 0.2 x0.8cm;

X1 stand height 11.8cm x D base 3 / D top 0.9 x W 5.8cm, recess 0.2x 0.9cm;

X1 height 11cm, max width 6.5cm, standing base width 4.5cm and 6.5cm depth;



X1 facetted hexagon: base H4xW6.2xD5.8cm' recess H2.5xW4xD4cm;

X1 tray / business card: H3.4cm x W5.3cm x D9.6cm; internal space H2.9cm x W4.2cm x D9cm max.;


Ring Stands:

X1 pyramid max. width 5.5cm and height 6cm;

X1 cone 7.8cm tall, base diameter 2.8cm;

X1 cylinder height 4.9cm, diameter 4.9cm, recess width 0.6cm length 2.5cm and depth angled 0.8cm for rings up to 0.5cm;

X1 cone H6cm diameter 2.5cm angled stand;

X1 diamond 4x3.5cm;

X3 diamond 2.5x2.5cm;

X3 cone 2.8cm tall, base diameter 2.5cm;

X1 3.4x3.4cm, 1.9cm tall, recess 2cm long x 0.4cm wide x 1cm deep;

X1 3.4x3.4cm, 1.9cm tall, one recess 2cm long x 0.5cm wide x 1cm deep and one recess 2cm long x 0.6cm wide x 1cm;


Gap Stands:

X1 rectangular: depth / length 4,8cm, width 2.2cm, height 1.4cm,
x1 trapeze: max. depth / length 4.7cm, width 2.2cm, height 1.4cm,
x1 arrow: depth / length 5.8cm, width 2.2cm, height 1.4cm,
All have a recess line with a width of 0.3cm;



X1 arch: width 5.5cm, height 6.8cm, depth 2cm;

X1 upright circle: Depth 2.4cm, Diameter 8.8cm, Base 3.5cm by 2.4cm;

X1 diamond: max. width 7cm and height 9.5cm;


Risers / Plinths:

X1 10cm cube;

X1 9cm square x 6.5cm;

X1 H3.5cm x W7.6cm x D4.6cm;

X1 H4.9cm x W4.9cm x D4.9cm;

X1 H3.3cm x W3.3cm x D3.3cm;

X1 H4.9cm x W4.9cm x D2.3cm;

X1 H1.7cm, diameter 9.7cm;

X1 H 3.3cm, diameter 5.4cm;

X1 H 4.8cm, diameter 4.9cm;

X1 H 1.8cm, diameter 3.8cm;

X1 H1.5cm min. x W3.3cm x D3.3cm.


Set weight: 7580g


Finish: natural sandstone inspired texture but overall smooth, mid to pale grey concrete, some pieces have marble effects of different mid to pale grey shades, all pieces feature unique imperfections like voids but the large 10cm cube also offers as part of his character fine crazing lines to the surface when photographed very close, black brush silver t-bars, individually handcrafted


This is a unique set and the set pictured will be shipped to you.


Care: handle with care to avoid damage, clean with damp or dry cloth only, vacuum lightly with soft brush



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