Unique Jewellery Display Set of 25 Stands, H04

A strong impact eye-catching jewellery display set of 25 unique display stands, arches and stackable risers. The combination of smooth and deep textures, mixed shades of grey in various ways and the versatility of each block, vessel, tray and stand will provide endless combinations and surfaces to style and display or photograph jewellery. 


Unique jewellery display set H04 of 25 pieces includes the following,

Approx.sizes of:

Earring stands:

X1 cylinder base medium - H9cm and 6 cm across; approx. overall height: medium 12.cm; it has two 1mm holes as well as two 2mm recesses / gap

X1 cylinder base large - H10.5cm and 6cm across, approx. overall height: large 13.7cm; it has two 1mm holes as well as two 2mm recesses / gap

X1 rectangular base small - H6.5cm and 6cm across; approx. overall height: small 9cm; it has two 1mm holes as well as two 2mm recesses / gap


Ring stands:

X1 cylinder upright ring stand - approx. size cylinder: height 4.9cm, diameter 4.9cm

recess width up to 1cm recess length 2.5cm; recess depth 0.8cm being angled;

X1 hexagon upright ring stand - approx. size: small stand, H2.1cm x W3.1cm x D3.6cm, recess of 2cm x 0.5cm wide and about 0.9cm deep;

X3 small cone:  approx. size: H2.8cm, diameter base 2.5cm, rounded top 0.5cm;

X1 angled cone - 6cm tall base diameter 2cm, top diameter about 0.4cm;


Necklace stands:

X1 medium - approx. size: height 10cm x D base 3cm / D top 0.8 x W 5.8cm, recess 0.2 x0.8cm;

X1 small - approx. size: height 8cm x D base 3 / D top 0.5cm x W 5.8cm, recess 0.2x0.5cm;


X1 Cloud tray: approx. size: height 2.2cm, diameter 10.5cm;


Risers:approx. sizes:

X1 cube H4.9cm x W4.9cm x D4.9cm;  

X2 cube H3.3cm x W3.3cm x D3.3cm;  

X1 cylinder height 4.8cm, diameter 4.9cm; 

X1 cylinder height 1.9cm, diameter 3.8cm;

X1 rectangular prism H2.8cm x W2.5cm x D7.5cm;

X1 rectangular prism H3.6cm x W4.6cm x D7.6cm;

X1 rectangular prism H1.4 x W4.8cm x D4.8cm;

X1 cylinder H 3.3cm, diameter 5.4cm;

X1 cylinder H8.7cm, diameter 4.9cm;


Arches approx. sizes:

X1 arches max. width 12cm, max. height 10cm, depth 2cm;

X1 arch max width 12.5cm, max. height 19.8cm, depth 2.4cm;


Vessel approx. size:

X1 height 4cm, diameter 7cm; circular recess / opening: depth 2.7cm, diameter 4.7cm.


Set weight: 3806g


Finish: unique shapes, mid to pale grey concrete and dark grey concrete with unique imperfections, some pieces have marble effects and character voids, shapes feature very smooth and softly textures surfaces, black brush silver t-bars, individually handcrafted


This is a unique set and the set pictured will be shipped to you.


Care: handle with care to avoid damage, clean with damp or dry cloth only, vacuum lightly with soft brush



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