Unique Mixed Jewellery Display Prop Set H01 of 15 Stands

A minimal jewellery display block set featuring unique shapes in a mix of concrete and clear acrylic risers. A wonderful timeless backdrop for photo shoots, flat lays, window and other retail displays. The set of risers allows to build one large display as well as to spread the pieces into smaller clusters. 


Unique jewellery display set H01 of 15 pieces includes the following

Approx. sizes:

x1 - 2.9x2.9x2.9cm;

x1 - 2.9x2.9cm, 4.5cm tall;

x1 - 2.9x2.9cm, 7.9cm tall;

x1 - 2.9x2.9cm, 9cm tall;

x1 - curved top 2.9x2.9cm, max. height 5.9cm;

x1 - slope, 2.9x2.9cm, max height 7.5cm;

x1 - 7.9cm long, 5.4cm wide, 2.3cm tall;

x1 - 9x9cm, 1.4cm tall;

x1 - 21.4x15.4cm, 1.7cm tall;

x3 - clear tray 7.4x7.4cm, 1.4cm thick;

x3 - clear cards 6x3cm and thickness of 2.8mm; two holes.


Set weight: 2360g


Finish: unique shapes, individually handcrafted, mid to pale grey concrete with unique imperfections, each concrete features very smooth and softly textured sides, set includes 6 acrylic pieces of which the trays are recycled offcuts from other projects 


This is a unique set and the set pictured will be shipped to you.


Care: handle with care to avoid damage, clean with damp or dry cloth only, vacuum lightly with soft brush



  • 3 kg
  • Available
  • Ships in 3 to 5 business days1

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