Star Base Golden T-Bar Earring Stand

A modern stud as well as long earring t-bar display stand. A golden coloured modern t-bar and a star shaped concrete base form a stunning styling prop for two sets of earrings. 


Golden Star Earring Display Stands


Approx. Sizes:

Large - base 4.5x5cm, 4.3cm tall, t-bar 12cm tall, 9.8cm across, 4 holes, overall height 16.5cm, weight 146g

Small - base 2.6x2.9cm, 2.5cm tall, t-bar 5.8cm tall, 7.4cm across, 4 holes, overall height 8.3cm, weight 36g


> > Finish: base finish pale to mid grey concrete, other finishes available please get in touch, thank you!

T-bar gold colour.


Not branded to allow display on all sides. Each base will feature its own unique grey shades and imperfections like voids and minor cracks due to the nature of the material. 


Care: handle with care to avoid damage, clean with damp cloth or vacuum lightly with soft brush.

golden star earring stand


  • 1.5 kg
  • Available
  • Ships in 4 to 7 business days1

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