Pale Cube Concrete T Bar earring Stands

A modern earring display stand featuring a pale grey rectangle or cube base shape and a metal brushed silver black or aged copper coloured T-bar.

The retail stands are individually hand cast, sets can feature three different base designs and three t-bar heights. Stands are available individually or in a mixed set including one of each design. Each stand comes with a recess or gap and a hole on either side of the t-bar to hang the jewellery itself. The stands are designed to display nicely with the other PASiNGA concrete block sets and displays.


Pale Concrete Rectangle Cube Mix with Brushed Silver Black or Aged Copper Coloured T-bar


> Approx. sizes:

A -   base:  cube 3.3cm; T-bar H6cm and 6cm across;

B -   base:  H2.3cm, square 4.8cm: T-bar H 9cm and 6cm across;

C -   base: cube 4.9cm; T-bar:  H10.5cm and 6cm across;

each t-bar has two 1mm holes as well as two 2mm recesses / gap


> Approx. overall height: A - 10.2cm; B - 11.5cm; C - 15.5cm


Finish/Colour: concrete base charcoal to dark grey, overall smooth; metal is finished brushed black silver or aged copper colour


Design: geometric minimal; individually hand cast; wire individually finished and inserted by hand but almost centred

Features: unique textures [voids + cracks] and color character

Finish: finished smooth; concrete not painted or waxed, information card provided


Pale Cube T Earring


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