Concrete Clear Card 'Big Cathy' Earring Display Stand

Concrete and a big clear earring card stand. 'Big Cathy' is minimal yet eye-catching and comes in three designs and two finishes. Each stand is a combination of geometric concrete base and clear display card to display 4 individual earrings.

The recess in the concrete base is slim but will allow the display of various sizes and shapes of earring cards, if the plastic glass card included is fully inserted it will sit fairly straight a thinner card will have an angle. The recess will offer display space for fine rings, bracelets or even the direct display of earrings. 


Earring Card Concrete Stand Sets 'Big Cathy' - 

>>>> available as single stand [2 pieces] as well as in a mixed set of 6 pieces [ 3 concrete shapes plus 3 cards, image 10] <<<<


>> Approx. size / weight of 

Image 7 -- Shape trapeze: max. depth / length 4.7cm, width 2.2cm, height 1.4cm

Image 8 -- Shape arrow: depth / length 5.8cm, width 2.2cm, height 1.4cm 

Image 9 -- Shape rectangular: depth / length 4,8cm, width 2.2cm, height 1.4cm


All have a recess line with a width of 0.3cm.

Clear Plastic Card: 5.9x3.9cm and thickness of about 2mm; 4 holes.


>> Finish: pale or dark grey concrete, finished overall smooth but softly textured


Design: original design, geometric minimal; individually hand cast

Features: unique textures [voids + cracks] and color character

Finish: finished smooth, concrete not painted or waxed, signed on base

Clean with dry or damp cloth only.

Big Cathy


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