Concrete Cube And Cylinder Display Mix Of 4, No75

This selection of 2 concrete cubes and 2 cylinder blocks is just perfect to display jewellery for markets or photoshoots. Create stunning retail displays by stacking or aligning these prisms and cubes in shades of charcoal to dark grey concrete to your liking. They are finished fairly smooth, many sides have a decent shine to them and allow you to create your very own unique modular sculpture before adding your jewellery design, pins or other small items. Let your products shine in-between these beautifully unique concrete finishes and create a trendy backdrop using these cool simple tactile geometric concrete shapes.


Modular Jewellery Display Prop Set of 4, No75

Approx. size: (one of each of the following)

cube H4.9cm x W4.9cm x D4.9cm;  

cube H3.3cm x W3.3cm x D3.3cm;  

cylinder height 4.8cm, diameter 4.9cm; 

cylinder height 1.9cm, diameter 3.8cm


Finish/Color: shades of charcoal to dark grey, each solid features in itself different shades of grey and textures


Design: geometric minimal; individually hand cast

Features: unique textures [voids + cracks] and color character

Finish: finished smooth; concrete not painted or waxed, not signed to allow displaying on all sides, information card will be provided



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