Concrete House Air Plant Display

An architectural house sculpture Air Plant display stand in three playfully detailed shapes and sizes. Each concrete house vessel is individually hand cast and offers uniqueness within every sculpture crafted. Choose from three vessels and different set offers or take advantage of the saver offer for the large set of all three.


Dimensions large house, 1st image:

Approx. size: Height max. 6.5cm; Base 8.5cm square; Recess storage 1 - depth 5.8cm; Recess storage 2 - depth 2.5cm; Weight 505g


Dimensions of the set of 2 sculpture vessels includes, 2nd image:

tall house - approx. sizes: Height max 5.8cm, Base 5.8cm square, Recess depth 4.5cm, width 2.5cm depth 4.5cm

wide tray house - approx. sizes: Height 4.3cm, Base square 8.2cm; Two staircases on two sides, width 0.5cm width, Recess depth 3.5; about 6.4cm square; Weight 236g


Set of 3 includes all three houses, 3rd there after images, dimensions as above. 


Made from

mid to pale grey concrete. Clear rubber feet to base.


Air Plants: 
Are soil free living plants which can be added to complete the set. Unfortunately due to shipping regulations the set with plants can only be shipped within the UK. 


Each desk set features unique imperfections, like voids from air bubbles or minimal cracks, and finishes in its own shade of grey due to the nature of the material. Clean with a damp or dry cloth only.

vessel houses air plant


  • 3 kg
  • Available
  • Ships in 4 to 7 business days1

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