Concrete Silver Cylinder Air Plant Planter Set of 3

Three shades of grey concrete topped with the cool shine of silver. This set can hold your favourite Air Plant as well as your incense stick or pencil. 

Air Plants are soil free so you have endless possibilities by placing them within the cups or around them, which makes the creation of table settings or an eye-catching shelf decor easy.  Each cup could also be a spacious candle holder which allows for a bit of moss or hygge decor. Find more display ideas in my shop. It's small to fit any space, be the perfect detail in between your picture or plant collection or a wonderful gift. 

Set of 3 Concrete Silver Cylinder Air Plant Holders

Approx. size:  Outside Ø 4cm, Height 5cm; Recess Ø 3cm and about 4cm deep.

Made from: 3 shades of concrete.

Colour: one pale grey, one mid grey and one dark grey, each cup has a stripe of vertical silver foil attached


Design: industrial minimal; individually hand cast, sanded and copper attached by hand.

Features: unique textures (voids and cracks) and colour character due to the material.

Finish: concrete not painted or waxed, copper attached as pictured, individually stamped with my name (PASiNGA) on the base.


Set combination feature the following Air Plants as pictured in images 2, 3 and 4:
Air Plant Caput Medusae:  is a beauty, thick channelled leaves in light green to blue purple with this wonderful icy charm of grey hairs. Once placed in its concrete planter the spectacular snake like winding and curling starts which creates a beautiful sight. It is one of the most widespread, hardy species.

Brachycaulos Multiflora Air Plant: is a medium to large plant which can grow up to 20cm high, but its size varies greatly. The foliage is numerous, as it grows it opens up with leaves bending slightly. The leaves are green but colouring intensively red in strong sun at bloom time.

Ionantha Rubra Air Plant: is very delicate and fairly small. The leaves form a dense rosette, which opens up slightly. The leaves are green and turn pink at the tips.



Note: Sets with Air Plants can only be shipped within the UK due to shipping regulations. Thanks for understanding. 

Set of 3 Concrete Silver Cylinder


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