Artisan Profile

PASiNGA is the artist name for German but London (UK) based artist Antje Nixdorf.

She has been creating artworks, bespoke goods as well as fine art prints and sustainable paper goods since 2011.
She choose her artist name to describe what she loves and does: photography, art, design and her inspiration of everyday surroundings, modern structures and architecture.

Each creation for PASiNGA photographs + design is envisioned, designed and often crafted by Antje. Sketching out ideas, be it a photographic set-up or the next sculptural or mixed media piece. Some projects require timetables for the right light, others need hands on training to learn about the material or the tools to craft it. Blending fine art and fine craft while using raw materials, like papers, copper or concrete, and transforming them into timeless minimal works, creates complexity with simplicity. Ideas come from everywhere and never leave her mind until they are captured in one of her pieces.