Three new designs to display, style and organise jewellery, how delightful are these rainbow trays!!

First off are our bright and happy rainbow ring trays.

Mix and match, style your style, use them to hold your gems, put out the set for the next day or use it as photo prop. They could also be an eye-catching display option in commercial settings. 


Check out the listing by clicking the image to find more styling ideas and details!


Concrete rainbow ring tray, organiser trinket by PASiNGA
Rainbow Ring Organiser, £15.50



The second design feels much more timeless and elegant, two curvy geometric shapes and each tray has a wonderfully soft matt surface texture for extra displaying depth.

Meet the new 'half circle trays'.

It is easy to see why shapes like this are timeless, they are versatile, somewhat stackable and can assist in styling photoshoots as much as they can elevate small products in an eye-catching way for retail displays. Never mind that these could also display as minimal sculpture at home.


The third design features the timeless shape of a cube - well the displaying side is a cube inspired but it rises up like small towers to three different heights! This allows the set of three to be displayed as a stair or step stand but of course one does not have to. 

Especially helpful during photoshoots is the recess which features one straight and one angled side. Therefore a straight upright stand or a towards leaning stand of the ring can be achieved by simply using this stand. 


More display options are over here!

Cube Stair Ring Stand Display Set By PASiNGA
Cube Ring Stand Set of 3, £22.50

Spring is coming together brightly and I am already working on more new display options made from concrete but as always don't hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea for your display, I shall be happy to assist!


Have a fabulous day,

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