Gallery Wall Happiness - Diy Ideas In Black & White With A Touch Of Gold

Modern Art Display Idea, image via Oraclefox
Monochrome Modern Sideboard Art Display Idea, image via OracleFox
Art Shelf Styling Idea, image via Pinterest
Modular Shelf Art Wall, image via Pinterest

Gallery Wall Inspiration, image via Pinterest
Above Workshop Art Wall, via Pinterest; Below Living Room Statement Wall via Thedesignchaser and PASiNGA Art Prints
Bedroom Gallery Wall Idea, image via dlingoo
Minimal Bedroom Gallery Wall Idea, via dlingoo
Scandinavian inspired art wall, image via myscandinavianhome
Scandinavian inspired art wall, via myscandinavianhome

Regardless of what style your room is you can't go wrong by adding a black and white art print. Monochrome displays are not just modern or minimal they can also add depth, warmth and if you choose a softer grey scale print calmness. It is no secret that I am in love with black and white photography but as much as I love my work I think it is best displayed together with other artistic works. Nevertheless, an art wall is to reflect you, to enjoy your likes and fascination, life moments and adventures. 

Therefore, first step collect the things you love! Second step choose frames that fit the room interior and if you feel like the images above are your way forward, frames in dark grey, black, natural wood, copper or gold are best. To make it more 'wabi sabi' stick to the suggested colours but choose different frame types and matting options. Don't be shy if you have sculptures, mirrors, wall hangings or empty frames - add them nonetheless! 

Monochrome Gallery Wall, image via thedesignchaser
Monochrome Gallery Wall, via thedesignchaser
Warm Monochrome Art Wall Inspiration, image via Pinterest
Warm Wall of Art Display, via Pinterest
Corner Gallery Wall Idea, image via digdigs
A Corner Gallery Wall Idea, via digits

Before you start measure, create your display on the floor [more starter tips are below] and always allow 'white' space. It will elevate every art work while opening up your room and helping you keep this clean minimal vibe. I always ask myself what I see and feel at first glance - if it is something along the lines of quite simple, free and delightful, I am happy with it - well, I proceed, since I know already the works I have chosen are great in their details and I will enjoy those or might even get lost in them at second, third you know closer look.



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