Original Concrete Sculpture 'Gold Vein' by PASiNGA

The 'Gold Vein', Concrete Sculpture


 The imperfection of life and the line of treasured happiness.  

A slowly grown concrete sculpture. The cylinder is poured over the course of 2 months with more than 20 layers of concrete to create gaps, textures and depth.


|| Approx. size: H 16.5cm concrete cylinder, diameter 9.7cm; sculpture weight 2.482kg

|| Color: charcoal to dark grey concrete; 24ct gold leaf

|| Texture: smooth and gold leafed rough textures 


Note: This sculpture is finished. The pictured sculpture will be shipped to you. 

|| Design: geometric minimal; hand cast in individually envisioned and crafted moulds 
|| Features: unique textures [voids + cracks] and color character 
|| Finish: concrete not painted or waxed, signed on base, clear display

Original Gold Vein


  • 3 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 3 to 5 business days1

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