Original Contemporary Concrete Sculptures

Modern concrete sculptures inspired by origami, typography, contemporary design and architecture.

Original Concrete Sculpture 'Silver Cloud' contemporary art by PASiNGA







The 'Silver Cloud' 


A soul touching piece of intriguing contrasts. The dark to the pale, the tough to the airy. Grounded yet floating, inviting to dream.


|| Approx. size: H 20cm with wire; H 8cm concrete cylinder, diameter 7.2cm; sculpture weight 680g

|| Color: silver coloured jewellery wire; concrete mid to dark grey with silver wire and silver leave to and within the concrete cylinder

Original Geometric Concrete Sculpture 'Gold Vein' contemporary art by PASiNGA






The ' Gold Vein'


The imperfection of life and the line of treasured happiness.  

A slowly grown concrete sculpture. The cylinder is poured over the course of 2 months with more than 20 layers of concrete to create gaps, textures and depth.


|| Approx. size: H 16.5cm concrete cylinder, diameter 9.7cm; sculpture weight 2.482kg

|| Color: charcoal to dark grey concrete; 24ct gold leaf

|| Texture: smooth and gold leaved rough textures 

Concrete sculpture 'Silver Trail' by PASiNGA modern art



The 'Silver Trail' 

Inspired by slowly growing mountains providing earths beauty and richness. Longing to express its fragile strength.  


|| Approx. size: H 17cm concrete cylinder, diameter 9.7cm; sculpture weight 2.55kg

|| Color: charcoal, warm sandy mid and cold pale grey concrete

|| Texture: from smooth to rough textured layers 

|| silver leaf trail 

Trigonal Dodecahedron 'Origami' Sculpture



Trigonal Dodecahedron 'Origami' Sculpture


A large tactile geometric concrete sculpture inspired by Origami. While the sculpture features unique imperfections it feels smooth and the main feature of this piece is its size and geometric lines. It can be displayed and viewed from various angles and will be a talking point in a minimal setting.  


|| Approx. size: H 12 x W max. 18 x D 12 cm, 12 sides

|| Color: dark grey concrete


SOLD - 'Origami' Sculpture - £120

Original Large Concrete X Sculpture by PASiNGA






A pale large and wonderful textured concrete X sculpture. It is typography inspired and fairly minimal.

It can be displayed in many ways - it can stand as 'X' or as '+' sign and it has one smooth as well as one rough and uniquely textured side


|| Approx. size: max. height 25cm, min. depth 5cm, height when displayed as 'X' is 21cm

|| Color: natural pale concrete


SOLD - 'X' Sculpture - £95

Concrete Antler Sculpture By PASiNGA Art




The 'Antler'

Experimental origami and free sculpting concrete work. Searching for a cross over, nature to man-made, organic to abstract.

Exhibition 2016


|| Approx. size: total height 55cm

|| Color: mid grey to pale grey concrete

|| Texture: mainly smooth texture with purposeful rough parts to remember on natural growth 



SOLD - The 'Antler' - £1200



The 'Becoming'


Concrete soul-cube - Becoming. 

Part of the series which asks you and your soul for interpretation and bonding. 

Exhibition 2016


|| Approx. size: cube 7.5cm; sculpture weight 988g

|| Color: smooth dark concrete, pebbled pale concrete

|| Texture: smooth / tactile with a partly rough / raw surface



SOLD - The 'Becoming'  - £280

Original Concrete Sculpture 'Intertwine' By PASiNGA





Concrete chain sculpture - brutal infinity. 
Exhibition 2015

|| Design: Chain parts are moveable, displays in various ways; poured in four stages; purposeful showing rough concrete and reinforcement 

|| Approx. size: each chain part is H25 x W20 x D4.5cm

|| Color: pale to dark grey concrete, four main shades